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  1. Both have well under a 1000 miles on them . Both have boxes £80 delivered
  2. How does the car feel mapping wise ? Trying to work out if I should get it live mapped at stealth or send the ecu to the phirm with my spec of parts
  3. Back up for sale now . Sorry mate
  4. Looking for offers . Not got a price in mind and cant really remember what I paid
  5. Brand new doughtey racing drc 268 cams . Brand new supertech dual valve springs Make me an offer please. Stripped the engine down to rebuild if and turbo for a project. Sadly can't find the time so I'm after a ready to go standard vr6 . Located in Banbury near Oxfordshire
  6. True . I need to fab a custom downpipe anyway
  7. Is it possible to run a 02m gearbox front wheel drive and still run the transfer box ? . Reason I would like to do this is to maintain equal driveshaft length for torque steer
  8. Awesome I'll see what I can find [emoji108]
  9. [emoji106] ok cheers for your help . Still hunting for a decent one
  10. Currently on the hunt for a hx35 I have sourced one but it's the single scroll version I believe. 12cm hot side Anybody has any experience of single vs twin scroll ?
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