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  1. Sounds like it could be a bad earth somewhere behind the dash
  2. I wonder if your pump is missing, is the a black or red pipe near one of your rear light clusters and a bunch of wires, have you checked all your fuses and relays,For your dash?, does the abs and airbag light block come out? I remember I unplugged mine and some of the dash lights wasn't working
  3. It's probably the central locking pump has gone, on the golfs there in the boot near the drivers side light it's normally in a foam case they are known for going the seal in the back light perishes and water corrodes the connector there about £15/£30 on eBay just make sure you sort the light gasket out first, and it could be a faulty ignition switch, it might be worth getting an auto electrician out to take a look at it
  4. Don't they lock with the key? If not then they might need a new barrel or a whole new locking mechanism
  5. There's other earthing points as well, behind the dash ect if the current can't pass to earth through the earth points then it takes another route through other components
  6. Sounds like bad earthing, check the earth cables that a joined to the chassis some time the cables and connections rust
  7. Hi has anyone run a mamba turbo? Does anyone rate them? They look the part
  8. Thank you for your reply it does have a transfer box and I have a blanking kit to make it fwd, iv got hollow mk4 tdi 6speed drive shafts which I'm going to have modified so that they fit the mk3 hubs and I'm going to sort the rear mount out when I'm fitting which is different to mk3vr6, I was just wondering about which flywheel and clutch I can use, if I can't find a single mass fly wheel that will fit my engine and marry up to a mk4 vr6 clutch with a csc bearing then I will have a custom flywheel made I was just seeing if there was standard parts that would fit rather than having stuff made t
  9. Thank you do you know if the mk4 vr6 starter will work with g60 fly wheel? What it is I have a mk3 golf vr6 I'm upgrading my gearbox as the diff decided it didn't like the box and tried to escape, iv got a 02m 6speed box I'm not sure what car it's off but it has the concentric slave cylinder instead of the release fork and bearing any advice and information on this conversation if anyone has done one will be much appreciated
  10. Hi guys just a quick question, iv heard the g60 single mass flywheel fits on a mk4 vr6 and then use a mk4vr6 clutch, does anyone know if this is the same for the box using a concentric slave clutch? Also is the dual mass fly wheel the same size as the g60 single mass or do I need to source a new starter? Thanks in advance
  11. I'm interested in 1 can you pm me please
  12. Hi I'm looking into replacing my vr6 5speed with a newer mk4 6speed, my gearbox has decided that the diff didn't like its housing and tried to escape anyway I have a mk4 drp gearbox of a v6 4motion complete with transfer box and shifter box and linkage. I was wondering if anyone has done this swap before? I was wondering if the mk4 clutch would match with my vr6 flywheel or if I'd need to look for a mk4 v6 smf upgrade for the dmf, and I believe I need tdi/gti hollow shafts to cut down, I have the 2 wheel drive conversion kit for the box and just looking for the o/s flange. I know there will be
  13. Check your pipes to, you may have a cracked pipe and it's running onto the exhaust and evaporating hence no water on the floor, mine was leaking at the main pump only found out because the fan belt was wet
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