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  1. P.S. AGR is EGR above so there can be further changes needed for EGR delete for example on the same ecu, it has been some years since I played with the older Motronic, but above is very much likely the answer without being able to put the 2 variant ecu's together! Time's are ms which is very finite so getting that spot on is essential and the maps shown above don't even show the after-start and warm-up changes, so lot's are dependent on the ignition maps being right. You can see on the vid that when they aren't the fuel can do all sorts and wash out the port without any ignition if too far of
  2. Speaking on later ME7 stuff, there are times calculated to charge the coil and release the spark ensuring a proper burn, sometimes people get lucky in that they'll get deflagration over detonation as the times are similar, upgraded coils have a better energy/enough for proper burn based on the oem map times etc, but you always want to be running the set times for said coils - so use the ecu that uses those coils or the maps at least! If you're changing these then 1st port of call is always to sort the map out first or you're risking trouble - so if you're not sparking the mixture p
  3. My 2p; "Chinese tax bracket" - hope so, means the money persons are involved in additional units so more likely to get the go ahead. Personally hope that the boffins in white coats have Motorsport DNA in them and are sticking to the "lighter weight and power for a transverse engine bay" philosophy of the original VR6, plus modern cars are quite powerful so more cylinders and detuned would give the 5 pot F**d RS club (sorry for swearing ) a better run for the money (plus win over the journo's like the original with the throaty gruffness!). It doesn't matter if it has 5,
  4. Some links; You can use files from here to build your own definition file if you haven't got flashing tools yet; I'll probably use them for demonstration purposes. http://www.chip-tuner.hu/original_ecu_files/files/VW/ I don't use it myself commercially, but the winols demo is good to learn on here; https://www.evc.de/en/download/down_winols.asp Free hex editor here; https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ Most make xdf files to use Tunerpro for tuning, which can be found here; http://www.tunerpro.net/ Cheapest standalone check
  5. Will edit soon, new layout; Main torque maps in the ecu's, KF (kenfelder - map, M - moment/torque) - are KFMIOP and KFMIRL - essentially the main torque maps for the central torque monitoring ecu's - some locations and info (to be edited); Note - 022906032 is the usual ecu number for ME7.1.1. - BG is the commonly used BDE code between tuners, 032E is the one often used for AUE none twin vvt ecu's, will update with more info when needed; BDE v's a tuned HX35 turbo AUE; Notice how the AUE turbo has IOP modified to be maxxed at any load
  6. Probably, a tune could just have fuel/ignition and pedal tweaks so can be somewhat cross flashed, you'd have to ask them
  7. All ME7 is fundamentally the same to a large degree, just various evolutions and parts differences of course, this in turn adds maps/data and changes a few things. AUE/Early 2.8 24v models have Inlet cam timing but no exhaust, Nokenwellen Einlass maps are there (NW-E abbrv. you should get used to), Auslass (NW-A) are not, generally everything else pretty much the same. Values will change due to a lack of input data when there are maps missing - if trying to define you need to look at axis data rather than cell data if using, for example, a dual VVT def file or R32. BDE/
  8. http://www.oemepc.com/vw/parts_lst/markt/RDW/modell/GO/year/1998/hg/1/catalog/vw/drive_standart/184/lang/e
  9. Little update; In about 5/6 weeks I am either going to stick it on ebay or remove the LPG and big turbo it I think, it's too nice for the latter though really! It's currently logging around 150g/s which equates to somewhere around 190hp (lost a dyno plot for 195hp for it so seems the same), also logged 206lb/ft all at 16/17psi of boost. - EDIT: Found dyno from when it was mapped I bumped it up to 20 and 22psi but throwing a DV code, which I thought was on it's way out so going to replace the 710N/P, it will be further tuned though t
  10. Little beasty, I'm sure we can let him off for a lack of cylinders.... always nice to see a lithe mk1 spanking the usual car mag cover stars let's be honest!
  11. Should be able to hunt one down, few shops were advertising the B41 if that's it, Google's your friend peeps! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Volkswagen-Rocker-Molding-Strip-1H0-853-985-B41-/282439200209?hash=item41c2b02dd1:g:alYAAOSwHptY98XH
  12. VAG Educational; http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/index1_eng.php http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/index2_eng.php http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/index3_eng.php http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/index4_eng.php
  13. A new Wuxi Holset would probably come to £500-550 or so, linked one in the "What turbo" thread is a 12cm too - only a few hundred more for a new Holset, what I would probably go for. You'd be surprised what you can fit in an old Rocco bay;
  14. Pretty cool vid showing the combustion process;
  15. I remember, did you take a pic of it on your drive one time? Last pic I saw of it I think - my fave/possibly 2nd fave car ever! Toss up; Or (with silver Azev A's crystal/red rear lights); EDIT: No, that Awesome GTI mk1 is officially my fave car of all time (alongside Aventador TT).
  16. When you say switching itself off do you mean closes the throttle? That usually means running lean and is what the ecu does, can be various reasons though, MAF (HFM), dodgy injectors, fuel pump problem etc, also DSG/Mechatronic prob. If it's turning the electrics off then it's usually a short/wiring problem, could be wires or perhaps a loose battery shorting? VCDS/VAG COM is your friend though! Many use copied ones on their own cars due to cost; later ecu's with better OBD programming work better than old ones, RL tends to be better ones, can be windows specific etc, ha
  17. Bought a few weeks ago from a friend as it was too good to pass up, has had loads of work done and was sat in the unit for months due to too many cars. I was thinking about a big turbo build on it but it's a good daily for someone and want a 6 cylinder for that - as such, sensible offers or would swap for a V6 4 motion. 51 reg 1M Leon Cupra AUQ 180hp 133k - 3 owners High end LPG system with switchable button 11 months MOT New brake lines, some sill welding and other bits done for MOT New discs and pads all round about 1k ago New k03s turbo CHRA around
  18. £200-250 Holset's are usually just 2nd hand, they can be hit or miss with how good they are, some are in need of a rebuild - budget £450-500 for a remanufactured one already done for you on the bay!
  19. It was Dubsport's I think, Ian Birch build back in the day, Awesome were probably still in Rawtenstall back then with their Peachy mk1 clipper kitted VR6 - God I love a clipper kitted mk1! It was around the time video's were made via potatoes too!
  20. Ian Birch built it didn't he when he used to own Dubsport? I grew up with Dubsport on one side and Awesome GTI on the other, used to see al their creations all the time, good inspiration when you got sick of projects! Last I heard about it was by a photographer who took some pics of it about 2 years ago.
  21. It's not really that to be honest - if you get dodgy injectors you could have fitment problems... fuel leak + hot engine = big expense! Linearisation problems over time means more tuning = more expense, one runs lean etc. You get a cheap wastegate and it put's too much boost through your set up and runs lean due to lack of fuel = big expense. Cheap turbo material spinning at tens of thousands of revs snaps off it's wheel and goes through your engine = big expense - that's the reasons people do it properly from the start really! If you're operating on a budget, then don't do too muc
  22. Don't skimp on the wastegate, the cheap ones can have problems easily and are often set for high boost, don't get cheap knock off Bosch replica injectors either, same with the recirc valve - if you skimp on the air/fuel parts you're asking for trouble! Also don't bother with RS4 maf unless the tuner says so, there are different ways depending on what they do, so speak to your tuner before you do any air/fuel metering changes to see what parts they use otherwise you'll just be wasting money there as they'll either tell you to change to what they used for their tunes or further work
  23. Updated it a bit and added some more links
  24. Oh and usually, from the US, it was price of item + postage x 20% vat and about 6% import duty - from EU there was none and hopefully HM Gov will not tax or cause import hold ups post Brexit seeing as Germany's 19% VAT is pretty much the same as our 20%.
  25. Links are in the "what turbo" thread, genuine Wuxi from China are still Holset's, cheapest place you can get them really, UK sellers do them but add on a profit obviously, the 2 ebay companies linked get the Holsets the most, remanufactured and just 2nd hand it seems. Turbo Zentrum is about the cheapest for the Super Pro's and do 14cm, so they're your best option outside of a scrap yard to be honest..... I've done my homework! ;-)
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