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  1. hi can you help with Pop & Bang  map for golf 3 vr6

  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rotrex-VR6-Supercharger-Kit-/221362699749?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item338a3ebde5 Yes its mine. Bye Bye Rotrex, been fun. Hello Turbo
  3. My mates VR6 is running rich and I haven't got a clue why, anyone got any ideas? What I've found: Using VAGCOM it seems that when temperature gets above 90degC it all goes wrong. I just will not trim fuel down to 1 on the lambda reading. It throws no fault codes other than 00537 - Oxygen Sensor Regulation. It's had a new lambda sensor. Clocks temperature matches ECU temp. When engine temperature is below 90degC it does seem to regulate occasionally and unplugging the MAF makes the engine cut out. However when above 90degC unplugging the MAF makes no difference! WTF. Someone please help as it's
  4. Cheers for the info guys. Top findings once again Kev, pretty much what I expected, but good to know it's been tried and tested.
  5. I'm interested to see how you find the VAG regulator, also are you using the 3 or 4 Bar reg. I'm sorting my fuel system this winter so do you think the standard in tank pump plus in line Bosch 044 will be good for 400Bhp? Also where did you get those charge cooler couplings as they look just the job. Cheers Joni.
  6. Ok, I have now sorted the checksum issue. I was correct as above. Obviously the engine doesn't need to be running to throw this fault up. Doh!
  7. Ah, I was wandering when this would come up, yes and no is the answer. Yes in that it throws up a fault code, but no it doesn't seem to have any adverse effects. I have managed to get TunerPro to generate a checksum for the whole EEPROM, but this is wrong. I.e. I cant get it to match an original map. I can only assume that there is multiple checksums, one for the code and one for the map data, at some stage I will get round to finding the EEPROM ranges for each checksum and post my findings. That is of course if anyone else doesn't beat me to it. This is only a side project of mine so I don't
  8. Ok, now its possible to drive flat out you might also want your engine to idle nicely. I determined idle fuelling levels by taking note of the fuelling adaption levels in block 6 using VAGCOM, basically with my setup I hit the idle adaption level limit without any tweeking (I believe this is about +/- 0.3). On initial setup I set up partial throttle adaption level to as close to 1.00 as possible, i.e. 14.7 on the AFR gauge when driving under partial throttle. This was done by tweeking the MAF potentiometer, I'd highly recommend using a multi turn potentiometer as a single turn pot is very sens
  9. VR6 Motronic remapping at home courtesy of VR6Joni! What you will need: EPROM programmer, I doubt one exists that will not program a 27C512. A few 27C512's as it's annoying waiting 20mins to blank them! A UV Eraser. A 28 pin DIP socket. Soldering skills. A fairly technical mind! A laptop. VAG-COM A wide band AFR controller. First of all read which ECU you have with the VAG-COM or look at the label on it. It should look something like this:021 906 258CP. The CP is the important bit, this is the code revision which also means the maps will be at different locations in the memory. I have details
  10. Thought I'd post my current progress with remapping a Motronic on here for you guys. It still requires a bit of work, but hopefully others are gonna contribute!
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