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  1. purple highline monster

  2. Ultimate Dubs March 14th March 2010

    Defo status, takes me a while to finish climbing out of any car mind you the A6 3.2 Quattro I been driving at work this last week is more like an office on wheels........and it DOES still do 170mph (tested) despite it being put in 2nd instead of 4th at 140mph a few months back by a bird :-# 5 cylinder V6 anyone? been repaired and all seems fine now;) push button handbrake is a bit French though
  3. Havoc mega meet

    Good pics ben, some nice ones of the old Rados , i still cant believe i spent the whole day with Craiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig David, no sign of Kez though;) seriously though both stu and myself enjoyed strolling around and chatting to you guys, its what its all about, well for most people anyway:)
  4. Heres a picture of our Gav;) can i get a Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiat
  5. Good to meet up with with some old Dub friends and meet some new ones, put the world to rights, coat a few people, share our cynical views on all things scene and have a good chuckle anna can you get that farmer to concrete that field over and put a hanger or 2 up too for next year;) tell him the cow shit was fine its the grass i dont like;) only joking, its nice to have a big Kent/sussex show on the callender again no grumbles from my car on the £10 donation at the gate, see ya next year too
  6. Players 2009

    Government issue Microwave "all day breakfast" any good?
  7. Players 2009

    Im up for that meet on the 11th Oct Ben, Cranbrook is only down the road from me too 30 mins, used to give them a sound thrashing at Rugger many moons ago, before i was semi pro obviously Very good cause too, one of my mates had MS and sadly died a few years back camping in the woods behind my house free, plenty of room on the drive which is safe, as i have an MG42 set up on the grassy knoll with enough ammo to retake stalingrad;) Travel Inn near to me are honourable pilot, or the Inn On the Lake Maidstone, or You can go silly and do the big Hilton which is just off the M20 I can do some enquiries if anyone was needing accomodation, theres 40 "Rooms" at work that need filling up :-p
  8. Players 2009

  9. Players 2009

    Proper Shi7er it is, it drives like a 17 year old alsatian walks too
  10. Players 2009

    End of show season AND its down south, seems now the callender caters for a lot of people higher up the country shall we say , but they dont like to venture darn sarf for some reason? years ago there were 0 northern shows so the south was the only place to come to one! still times change, and knowing that freezing winters only weeks away so im glad i went as a season finale I cant make Westside this coming week as i am working in "human retail" and even i am possibly not quite Ganster enough for dem westside boyz innit... brap brap booyakahshah restecpa (h) besides i dont think i own any fake prada sunglasses? surely Your not still using that old retail excuse craggsy
  11. VW Players 20th September

    Cheers Ben Managed to bump into Kev (spindat dub) and Rcf, good to meet you guys, saw quite a few folk i know actually! am i being stalked? or is paranoia more than a state of mind? ^o) Thought it was a really cool laid back show again, didnt see who eventually won anything, but im sure it was deserved (**cough** pre planned) I did notice there were a few strangely dressed women *-) one women looked like she had phill and grant mitchell hidden down her top 8-| & did anyone see the weird chick in white knee high sox a false pony tail and tartan high heel shoes???????? wtf was all that about? porn set yeah, Dub show.....Er No I got loads of pics as usual so i will stick them up in the most appropriate section shortly so those that couldnt make it or use all their petrol up can see what they missed
  12. VW Players 20th September

    good to meet up with a few faces on Sunday, kev and RCF were in da house, good to see/meet ya guys, I got loads of pictures, will stick them up in the appropriate section shortly
  13. VW Players 20th September

    Pussys man! I will carry the torch guys dont worry i expect i will take a fair few piccies so i will post em up for the sick lame and lazy ( & skint)