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  1. Does anyone recognise this car.

    I do seem to remember the plate but cannot for the life of me put an owner to it !
  2. water hose ?

    Try a ford garage maybe ? The engine was used in a galaxy or something, at one point.
  3. water hose ?

    TPS ? Euro car parts ?
  4. Nice Vid....

    Thought this might be of interest here
  5. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    Dropped to £5750 ! The car I want to buy is still for sale and I don't want it to get away from me ! Please buy this !
  6. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    Make me a silly offer ! I want my new car sooner rather than later. I might cave in to some stupid offer....
  7. Eibach strutbrace wanted

    Awesome ! Glad you found one ! I did look for some time as I wanted to polish it up, like the cage and the rear brace I have, but gave up after searching for quite a while. As for my car.... If I didn't have an itch to scratch for an Rs6, I would certainly be keeping it, but car needs to go in order to partially fund the RS, plus a lack of space doesn't help either. Already having 4 cars, I really need to get rid of one and it makes sense for it to be the one used the less :-(
  8. Eibach strutbrace wanted

    These things are as rare as hens teeth ! You will be very lucky to find one. I wish you luck ! I do have a carbon fibre one if you wanted something else. Cost a small fortune and never fitted to the car in the end Haha, and since the car is for sale, I doubt I will have much need for it :-(
  9. is this still for sale , and do you have the rear seat still?

    1. Earwig


      Yes it's still for sale. Had quite a few people interested but nothing is finalised as of yet.


      I don't have the rear seats. They were never covered in leather like the rest of the car, but I do have a full black highline interior in the garage.

  10. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    Wheels are now provisionally sold. Car still for sale, really needs to go. Try me...... :-)
  11. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    Price dropped to £6500
  12. Mk3 vento front end wanted

    I have one but you need to buy the car to get it On the plus side it's an early grill which is like rocking horse poop
  13. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    Still here ! Set of these wheels on eBay now for nearly £4k ! And not in anywhere near this condition. Shows how much the wheels alone are worth ! Needs to go fairly soon. Eyes are already on a new car. Someone give it a nice home :-(
  14. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    Nope, no rear seats matching sadly. Although I do have a full black Highline interior in the garage if you wanted tom put that in and sell the one that's in it. But would be sad to pull it apart...... Plate has nothing to do with Jake either. He does have similar plates though for his Turbo. H20 VRT I think ? It's basically H20 for water, meaning water cooled. And VR speaks for itself. Nothing to do with his pool business
  15. MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

    I have certainly thought about many things to replace it. R32 etc..... Whatever I do decide it will certainly be more practical ! Would love for the car to stay in the club and start winning shows again. That's what it was built for. Bodywork and paint alone runs into the tens of thousands. Only thing it's really missing is a smoothed bay and a charger ! Car will also come with an entire interior plastics set. The plan was to skin the lot in a piano black effect, much like the newer golfs. Tiring of carbon this, carbon that.... It also has an Alpine DVD screen/player fitted which I forgot to mention along with some Focal (I think) component speakers. The AudioBahn amp I will likely keep though.