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  1. Starter motor trouble

    Did you have to take your starter out ot did you do it in situ? Ref jubilee clips, would i just put the jubilee clip around the body ensuring that the braided bits were under it to?? Cheers for your help shail.
  2. Starter motor trouble

    Cheers Shail, think thats what i'll end up doing. Any pics or more tinternet info on this heavy duty clip you mention so i know what i'm getting. Also, could you not just bolt the one end and solder the other end to the pin???
  3. Starter motor trouble

    I was thinking the same as you sanky but i dont want the expense of a recon unit if its just the earth.
  4. Judering at low revs

    You havent been putting Metz in the tank have you????
  5. Hi all. My vr struggled to start this morning and this evening which it never normally does. Got home then went to start it again......nothing.....not a squeak. Upon phoning a like minded vw nut and getting some idea's (i) i managed to trace the trouble to what i think is the culprit. At the end of the starter motor there is a piece of braided copper earthing about as thick as a pencil and about 1 1/2 inch long which seems to earth the starter motor to its housing. This braiding has corroded right through. Would this be the problem and can i just get a replacement piece from vw as it seems to clip on??? Please help me to fix my sick VR +o( Cheers
  6. lets have a spotted section.

    I'd third this. Seen a few nice vr's round my way lately but not sure if they are part of the gang or not.
  7. Exhaust Problems

    Cheers folks, will do it the weekend when i can get it up on axle stands or something. Any idea what size thread on the bolt??? I'll probably buy a selection and then try it. Cheers again.
  8. Here you go mate, see my latest thread which exactly the same thing happened. Get yourself down to a Ford dealership, £22 job done. The galaxy used the same engine. http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?111662
  9. Exhaust Problems

    Its definately at the rear of the cat, ie tailgate end. Will it be a threaded hole then? i take it it is so it can take a sensor. just worried that there should be something there. Cant understand what you mean by it probably being of a later car as mine is a later car, 1997, therefore, shouldnt it have something there??? Cheers for your help folks, hope i make sense.
  10. Hi All Just a quick one. What is this at the rear of my cat (round circular thing with a big hole in it?). +o( Do i need a new cat??? :-(
  11. VR6 vs VRS

    Hmmm, some mixed reviews there. My mate has just picked one up and keeps getting me to bite saying his is quicker....only one way to settle this i suppose, VR's at dawn. Watch this space...
  12. some pics from santa pod . . . .

    Lovely looking little red number you got there blondie...i remember seeing it thinking....wow, thats bright.
  13. VR6 vs VRS

    ha ha, yeah, dont blame you. i think it would be quite fairly matched but dont know for definate. just wondering if anyone's got first hand knowledge...
  14. VR6 vs VRS

    Ok Guys and Girls As the thread states, just wondering what would be quicker, a standard vr6 or a standard octavia vrs... ....2.8 six cylinder 174bhp vs 1.8T 4 cylinder 180bhp. So what do you reckon would be in it......much?....and who would come out tops????? Anyone ever raced one in their VR???? Cheers Folks !lol
  15. My Mates VR6

    nor me tom