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  1. Quite straight forward actually...I done one 2 years ago over a weekend. I've got the guide somewhere too. You need a 4 pin relay and the r32 ecu with a reflash
  2. I went for the £15 repair option consisting of 2 resistors and an aluminium plate in the inner wing. Fans run a lot quieter too. Link.... http://uk-mkivs.net/forums/t/59897.aspx
  3. Right, sorted out my photobucket app, just need to edit reg plates from a computer so I will upload them later this evening.
  4. BDE engine code. Will post up pics later when I sort out this pb app on my iPad!!
  5. Just bought the missus a 51 plate 4 motion and have just noticed that it doesn't have an mfa stalk or half fis display on the dash clocks. Is this normal on some of the models? I thought they were but it doesn't look like the LCD pigmentation is broken or anything and the wiper stalk reflects the mileage of the car (47k) I would like to change the clocks and stalk of that's the case and possibly fit a full fis display, I would just need to get the mileage on the new clocks readjusted as I have full service history with the car....I won't say how much I paid for her!!
  6. traffic must have been very light then! Yeah, light in my lane!! lol!
  7. Although we had a late arrival (save the best till last!!) me and kevin had a good evening out saturday night and next year, will try and make it a bit earlier!!!
  8. Hey dude, do you still need another injector rail?? i was reliably informed that you required one....
  9. Hmmm....seem like a good day had by all..i shouldve come! oh well, defo be there for summer fest! may have to beeter my cousins 15.1 1/4
  10. I challenge you!!!! hmmm..3k launch comes to mind!
  11. With reference to: http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?420765.10 After purchasing a 1996 Golf VR6 Syncro off the forum with the following item description... "its a black 4door 2.9 vr6 obd2 its done 137000km come with highline leather in good nick with working heated front seats totaly standard just had a new luk clutch fitted this week" "its has no rust and its a fairly clean car wheels are can wrecked standard highline ones not curbed just old and paints flacking also had discs and pads this year" "as it need a few bits sorting abs light and front pannel needs swapped
  12. Fuel Consumption.......what for? Just fill it up and enjoy!!!!
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