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    VR6CABBS reacted to ASHP89 in Whats it worth?   
    Hi. Im just wanting a rough guideling as to what my golf vr6 is worth? Putting it up for sale in the next couple of days when its had a detail.
    Its a golf mk3 vr6 higline in black (black magic)
    Its done 118k miles
    Its just undergone alot of work consisting of a full blow over/respray and new sills being professionally fitted in at no expense spared.
    New quad headlights
    Wheel just been refurbished (porsche D90s)
    New coilovers that have done less than 200miles.
    Its got a 6 branch manifold
    Serbring catback exhaust
    Unknown air filter
    10mm thicker HT leads
    Yesterday it had new wishbones, ball joints and track rod ends fitted with uprated febi bushes
    It also as had in the past 2-3 weeks
    New coolant sensor
    New crank sensor
    And a fresh gearbox oil change
    All this is what i have had done and have receipts for the work!
    The car also has a set of seats in (highline) from another highline that had only done 40k so the front seats are in very good condition.
    Its got a few niggles (not many) which are.
    The steering wheel has a tear on it
    There is only 1 key
    The alarm doesnt work
    And the headlining has been done in suede (not the best of jobs) but looks alright.
    And the service history is vague like alot of the vr6s but i have all the receipts carried out for all the work i have had done.
    I bought this car off a previous enthusiast who has had many corrados and golfs so i wasnt too concerned about history as i know it was looked after.
    The car was previously an auto but has been professionally converted to a manual.
    The car runs great! No noises, no leaks from anywhere and no chain rattle.
    Reason for sale is it was either sell the golf or sell the scooby! The scooby won as im mkre of a jap kind of guy, but the vr6 is a very lovely capeable car and im sad to be selling it!
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from Scotty4mo in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
    Welcome to the club Storms.
    Nice motor.
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from storms in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
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    VR6CABBS reacted to Luke Jones in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
    Cheers pal.. when I got the car there was slight score marks on rear tyres from rubbing on arches ..but now had a proper setup where now front and back are at correct height for best ride on our crap roads and no rubbing on any full lock... through front setup is slightly higher than the rear..all works and handles really well.. any ideas on how to refurbishment these tt comp alloys some curb marks and blemishes? ? Cheers luke
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from storms in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
    Welcome to the club Storms.
    Nice motor.
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    VR6CABBS reacted to RBPE in Big Dub   
    Ian Birch built it didn't he when he used to own Dubsport? I grew up with Dubsport on one side and Awesome GTI on the other, used to see al their creations all the time, good inspiration when you got sick of projects!
    Last I heard about it was by a photographer who took some pics of it about 2 years ago.
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    VR6CABBS reacted to Luke Jones in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
    Also work was carried out by midlands vw they have virtually brought my car back to life ..so anyone in the midlands go check em, and sorry for not introducing myself properly .. been a lurker since I got hold of my highline last year and this site has been a life saver ..anyway im luke and from the Midlands UK and absolutely love my first vr6..
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    VR6CABBS reacted to Dave_ciw in 97 Golf VR6 - North West   
    Hi chap nice looking motor.
    If you would take the time to update the advert with a price or at least a price range in line with forum rules that would be great,
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    VR6CABBS reacted to storms in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
    New to the site. Kansas, USA

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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from Scotty4mo in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from shadyltd in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from VR6 Supercharged in POST A SINGLE PIC OF YOUR CAR   
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    VR6CABBS reacted to RBPE in turbo thoughts - am i right?   
    It's not really that to be honest - if you get dodgy injectors you could have fitment problems... fuel leak + hot engine = big expense! Linearisation problems over time means more tuning = more expense, one runs lean etc. You get a cheap wastegate and it put's too much boost through your set up and runs lean due to lack of fuel = big expense. Cheap turbo material spinning at tens of thousands of revs snaps off it's wheel and goes through your engine = big expense - that's the reasons people do it properly from the start really!
    If you're operating on a budget, then don't do too much on your engine first of all as I would be thinking it may be destroyed at any time, so nothing more than a spacer really or I'd usually plan for near a grand for a good refresh and strengthening of the engine. Injectors I wouldn't ever really skimp on to be honest, 2nd hand genuine from reputable seller at worst really, one of them leans out! - and wastegate's are for hot gasses so I would be wise there too as it could have a chain effect in destroying parts.
    You want to use a proper MAF as well as the cheap ones play up.
    I'd personally opt for a Holset HX35 12cm remanufactured for about £450, 38mm Turbosmart wastegate for £250 ish (or 2nd hand ones knock about from time to time) same for a 34mm Kompact recirc is a decent price at £120 ish and bigger than the 25mm ones, together with, (at least) genuine 2nd hand Bosch MAF and injectors (depending on your tuners parts used). 
    So about a grand for that quality base to build around, then the misc items you mentioned - so £2k budget yet quality kit is easily achievable imo, then the big expense as you up the boost is engine and drive-train!
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    VR6CABBS reacted to c3vrg in couple of questions ?   
    Thanks its the lower picture ,metal  clips , i have some but not sure where they fit , so if anyone has a picture of them fitted please ?
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from VR6 Supercharged in VR6 into mk2 scirocco queries   
    Theres a few routes you can go with regards to gearbox but for strength and reliability and based on the fact you mentioned turbo in a previous thread have you looked at a DRP box from an early mk4 4motion? Epytec are a really good company for mountings and you will find lots of goodies at bar-tek.
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    VR6CABBS reacted to Darkhorsepower in Heated seats wiring loom   
    Thanks mate. I've asked them for some pics.
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    VR6CABBS reacted to Goodge123 in Hx35 single vs twin scroll   
    Currently on the hunt for a hx35
    I have sourced one but it's the single scroll version I believe. 12cm hot side
    Anybody has any experience of single vs twin scroll ?
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    VR6CABBS reacted to shrek777 in Hi from Czech Republic   
    SOoo...A few has changed over the winter... 
    Car is r8 now broken into pieces...  engine out, whole rebuilt, engine bay cleaned...
    Engine: head work + Schimmel 263 cams, lightweight pulleys, new engine mounts, refurbished manifold + cover, new gaskets, new chains, new piston rings, new ignition unit, new hoses, cooler, resealed AC, painted block + cleaned trans, new clutch kit, refurbished flywheel, refurbished starter, refurbished alternator...and maybe something more  
    + BBS R17 from Polo Cross, tuned muffler, painted fenders + bonnet....
    Lastly, but most importantly I managed to acquire an Oettinger manifold (schrick without logo) with complete setup and ECU from VW Sharan 2.8 VR6...for a dime 
    Thinking about restoring it and putting it on my engine later this season... 
    Here are some pics from works which are still underway...expecting it to be running mid April...  

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    VR6CABBS reacted to Dave_ciw in Club Event: VW FESTIVAL 2017 - 08/11/2017 12:00 PM to 08/13/2017 05:00 PM   
    Can't believe there is no takers here for the best show of the year!
    I will be there mate but sadly without a car  Will be camping though!!
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from Dave_ciw in Club Event: VW FESTIVAL 2017 - 08/11/2017 12:00 PM to 08/13/2017 05:00 PM   
    Event Title: VW FESTIVAL 2017
    Event Author: VR6CABBS
    Calendar: Club Events
    Event Date: 08/11/2017 12:00 PM to 08/13/2017 05:00 PM
    Evening Guys,
    With the ever rising success of this show, I've booked a club stand for the full weekend for the club.
    They will only allow us 10 cars so even though its a while away i'm taking names for a place on our club stand. 
    To avoid disappointment get your name down early. This is a show not to be missed. Many a member will vouch for this.
    You will not be committed to both the Saturday and Sunday but those who are arriving on the Friday will take priority. 
    Let me know your thoughts and if you can commit then i'll list you for a place. 
    The good old Mr Bradley @Dave_ciw will be there with us but only camping this year as his car is having a revamp. Still he is always in good spirit and will no doubt be falling over everyone's tent when slightly intoxicated. haha. 
    1. @VR6CABBS   Pass posted                                         
    2. @Bealieboy      Pass posted                                              
    3. @vdubhead      Pass posted                                           
    4. @Matthew Harrison     Pass posted                               
    5. @s3dxm  Pass posted                                                                                                  
    6. Luke Bottomley    Pass posted                                                                                             
    7. @Ajmk4r32  Alex Jacobs      Pass Posted                                                                                              
    8.  @S4_Chris  Pass Posted                                                                                                   
    1 @VR6CABBS  Pass posted
    2  @vdubhead  Pass posted
    3  @mistline  Pass posted
    4  @Matthew Harrison Pass posted
    5  Luke Bottomley  Pass posted
    6  @Glens-R32  Pass Posted
    7  @s3dxm  Pass posted
    8  @steve tomo  Pass Posted
    9  @grahamkitchin  Collecting pass Sunday Morning
    10  @Vr6neil Collecting pass Sunday Morning
    11 Jamie Nightingale  Pass posted
    12  Adi Bradley  Collecting Pass Sunday Morning
    As always we will be camping on the family camp so if you would like to join us crazy lot you need to specify this on entry and not whilst booking like previous years. If your camping, tickets need to be booked in advance. 
    Check there website and get your tickets booked if you fancy it.......  https://www.vwfestival.co.uk/tickets
    Show Info Entertainment Live Music Graffiti Beetle Raffle Directions Harewood House Meet the Team Contact Us Cars for Sale Tickets Traders Trade Stands Auto Jumble Show & Shine Displays Vehicle Displays Club Stands Sponsorship Shop Gallery   Advance Self-Print Tickets
    11th to 13th August 2017, Harewood House, Leeds
    VW Festival is a family-friendly, entertainment-filled weekend that has something for everyone. As well as looking around some of the best VW's that the UK has to offer. There is an awesome live graffiti display, entertainment shows, live music, a funfair and Harewood's facilities such as the adventure playground, bird garden and food court. Tickets are now self-print tickets, which will be scanned when you enter the show.
    Benefits of buying advance tickets
    Free child (under 16) tickets, when booked with adults
    Entry to VW Festival, Harewood grounds, bird gardens and facilities
    Year'd window sticker
    Camping is ONLY available with advance tickets
    Advance (prebooked) tickets
    Adult Saturday or Sunday : £15
    Adult Half Weekend : £30
    Adult Full Weekend : £40
    Child Tickets (under 16) : FREE
    No additional fee for camping or vehicles
    On-the-gate tickets
    Only Saturday or Sunday tickets are available on the gate.  Weekend tickets must be bought in advance.
    Adult Saturday or Sunday : £17
    Child (5-15 yo) : £6.50
    Under 5's : FREE

    Click the below link to register for the VW FESTIVAL 2017 event

    VW FESTIVAL 2017
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    VR6CABBS reacted to motorrob in vw mk4 4motion rolling shell   
    We can weld 2 shut for you haha  
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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from Charlie.nursey in Al's mk3 vr6 turbo build   
    It's coming along nicely Al. All starting to take shape. My wheels sit wide on the front due to the Brembo's as I had to use 15mm spacers to clear them. Do you reckon it might be ready for early edition or is that pushing it.
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    VR6CABBS reacted to al_mooring in Al's mk3 vr6 turbo build   
    recently I received my front brakes so fitted them and had a test fit of the wheels on the front, its going to be wide but with air ride and a pull of the arches we should be good!

    I then started fitting the Stack water temp, oil temp and pressure gauges along with the Kcarbon interior pieces and finalized the rear brake bias valve

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    VR6CABBS reacted to Ickyketseddie in Supersprint Full Stainless & Decat   
    FOR SALE: Supersprint single box stainless 2.25" full system complete with decat. Removed from my charged MK3 VR, sounds great. £150 Located in Northants, NN14, collection only.
    I'm not on here loads so better to call if interested. 07514 805367 - Ed

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    VR6CABBS got a reaction from VR6 Supercharged in Seirra Cosworth recaros   
    Have yours recovered!!
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