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  1. sounds like your getting stuck in ive done a little post on the powertrack insert on the 4motion part of the forum.
  2. seen couple 12v but not a 24v in a caddy looks good
  3. looking good any plans for her? good to see some more 4 motions
  4. can yo get vagcom plugged in to see if the sensor is working? I had this fault come up with couple others. turned out it was abs unit at fault not sensor fault. I would assume its on the steering column, centre console or under seat.
  5. Just done mine with powerflex bushes. Wasn't to bad but a ramp definitely helped
  6. I only put one tube in mine. I think when I did the job the photos came out dark :/
  7. Yeah running boost. Only about a bar atm. Street and dragstrip. (Not a daily anymore) Ah right that's good to know. I suppose with a gearset can always change gear ratios. They can be expensive though. did you use yours for street use? Unbearable noise?
  8. I think it's the torque that's done it. Around 725 nm it's running. Looked into gearsets which say they good for about 600 :/. Will be going for big power/torque next year aswell.I have a spare box which I'm throwing in. Then the broken one will be done up to a higher standard. I did speak to this guy. Very helpful.
  9. I tend not to change while driving. Just wait at traffic lights. Although I have done it. From 2wd to constant 50 works well. From constant to 2 wd it seems likes a little time for the oil to escape from the haldex unit (clutch) 30 seconds or so. I did try it on a ramp
  10. Currently running a 02m drp box. 4th gear has gone (weak point?) Taken 6th aswell running about 540 ftlb torque. What's my best option to do with box? Start upgrading certain parts if so how far do I go? I will be going for more power in the future. Any advise appreciated
  11. I just nipped mine up but have done a few so,get used to it. If you have marked it and checked it after a drive and not moved you should have no problems
  12. Yeah switch to the pump. All is still fine,no issues. From Manchester to santapod I averaged 27mpg that's in constant 50/50 split. Turbo bolted on also so didn't think was too bad mpg.
  13. No problems. I don't know everything about other models. But I currently have a mk4 4motion. It's a 2.8 24v vr6. Strong engine (bde) code and the gearbox (drp) code which is running around 535 ftlb of torque through it. So can take some beating. Maybe worth a look into these as they come with a vr6 engine plus 4 motion running gear. Then just to figure out how to transfer everything over. Big job
  14. I have a mk4 4motion rolling shell for sale if that is of any use. Full haldex system etc. And can de imobalize the ecu on the car for you.
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