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    Enjoying being out and about in my early mkIII on high days and holidays.
    Best part?? Since I've had a VR6 I've pressed a lot of bushes............................

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  1. Hi there I'm terribly sorry but I sold the door cards yesterday. I just haven't had time to remove the advert yet. Hope you manage to find a set. Sincere regards Mark
  2. Selling a pair of black leather rear seat interior cards for mk3 Golf VR6. Acquired 2 extras but not needed. £15 the pair or offers. Based in Gloucester. Can arrange delivery if not too far just let me know.
  3. Selling a set of Blue Colour Concept door card for 3 door Mk3 Golf GTI or VR6. In really good condition just changed my mind and went with a black leather interior. Just need them gone £60 the set or open to offers. Gloucester based. Can arrange delivery if not too far just let me know
  4. Hi Shaun The following link describes the drawing and parts involved: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4944426-DIY-VR6-02A-shifter-rebuild https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2850722-VR6-Loose-Shifter-Problem!!! But the best article is the following: https://www.diyauto.com/manufacturers/volkswagen/generations/golf-2/diys/vr6-02a-shifter-rebuild-by-violentaesthete
  5. eBay. You need a vw 02a cable change shifter bush kit. Item no 231012964731 Oddly enough if you go on VW vortex there is a forum post which tells you exactly how to do it.
  6. Hi Shaun. I have an early VR6 which had a very sloppy gearshift. You don't have to drop the exhaust. I just did mine from inside the car. I bought a kit, changed the bushes and applied fresh grease. I have also shortened the gear shift by 1 inch and a quarter. The car feels new again with very slick gear changes.
  7. I'm restoring a 1992 mk3 VR6 Golf AAA OBD1 and replaced the original ignition coil due to a flat spot at 2000 - 2200 RPM. I have suddenly noticed a really annoying "ticking" sound coming from behind the bulkhead. Using a stethoscope (!) I have realised the ticking is actually coming from the (new) replacement ignition coil. Can anyone tell me if this is a fault with : 1. the coil 2. the ignition lead 3. the earth ground connection I have a braid strap from the body to the engine block. Should I also use a braid strap from the 1 (not 15) terminal to the body? I've checked t
  8. Hello mate. I've got blue door cards in leather for 2 door mk3 front and back. I'm in Gloucester on 07948 400085 Mark
  9. Good morning Pete. Thanks for your very considered reply to my query. At this stage I would prefer to keep my vehicle normally aspirated. To go "too mad" would also require uprated braking and suspension systems with all the associated costs of these items. I was thinking of a BMC CDA (details please!) and a new exhaust (recommendations?) with a view to new cams (as the tappets could do with replacement anyway). In other words, stuff I might be able to do in my garage over the winter!! When all this is done, I was thinking of putting in a new chip but (knowing my luck) I'm sure it
  10. Please can anyone give me some pointers about the most cost effective ways to increase power and performance. I've restored my J plate obd1 mk3 with VR6 to original spec but I'm now looking to get a bit more out of the engine. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks mate. I've asked them for some pics.
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