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  1. Evening guys, just done a Haldex oil/filter change on my 2002 V6 4Motion. Those of you who've done this, how tight did you do the drain plug on the bottom of the Haldex unit? Bentley manual says 25Nm which to my mind would rip the thread clean out as it's only a fine M10 thread going into alloy. Some people on forums say 15Nm and when I spoke to a couple of independent VAG garages one said "just nip it up, it's only a drain plug" and the other advised tightening to 5-10Nm and painting a small line across the plug/casing in order to see if it's moved after a week or so. I've done this (10Nm with a new washer), been for a spirited (i.e not public-spirited) 25 mile drive on fairly bumpy/twisty roads and it hasn't moved/leaked so i'm inclined to leave it :-) Thanks, interested to hear everyone's view on this!!
  2. Golf V6 4Motion, difficulty starting when hot

    BTW, anyone have any tips on replacing the sensor and bleeding the cooling system? I bought 2 of the plastic clips as they're only pence and looked as if they're easy to break. Thanks again guys!
  3. Golf V6 4Motion, difficulty starting when hot

    That's the error code i've been given, going to pick up my temp sensor this morning. Will update this in due course, thanks for your help!
  4. Hey guys, Last night I drove my V6 4Mo about 30 miles in the rain and stopped for fuel. I noticed the pumps were wet where you hold them but as far as I could tell the actual nozzle (i.e the bit you stick in the car) was dry to the touch so I thought it was OK to use. After paying, when turning the engine over it wouldn't fire unless I pressed the accelerator pedal, stalled when pulling out of the filling station and was a little hesitant to accelerate for about 4 miles after which it cleared itself. When I stopped again after 8 miles I still had to press the pedal to get it to start but it seemed to perform fine after that (drove another 6 miles home, overtook a truck and it didn't miss a beat). Today I went out and started the car from cold and it started and ran faultlessly, drove 8 miles whereupon I again had to press the gas pedal to start it. Shortly afterwards it stalled pulling out of a junction after being driven hard and was again difficult to start. This only seems to happen when the car is at operating temperature, i.e 90 degrees on the temp gauge. In the process of putting it on ramps today to check various things I started it with the temp gauge between zero and 90 twice and each time it started and ran perfectly. I did take off the fuel filter to check the fuel pump operation and one or two small water droplets (about enough in total to cover a 20p piece in around 100ml of fuel) came out with the fuel, but nowhere near enough to cause a problem IMO, I mean a little bit like that would just sit at the bottom of the fuel filter which is about the size of a coke can. Surely even if a droplet of water did go in the tank, it wouldn't be enough to cause this and it wouldn't happen straight away after adding £10 worth to a basically full tank of fuel and the injection system fully primed and everything? This happened to anyone else? Thanks!
  5. Another V6 4Motion EPC light

    Took the car to a local garage yesterday for diagnostics and their machine came up with fault code 16705 which i'm told corresponds to "G28 engine speed sensor"
  6. Another V6 4Motion EPC light

    Looking at the engine from the front (i.e stood in front of the car), it's behind and to the right of the oil filter housing. Held onto the block by a 5mm allen head screw and has a grey 3-pin connector which clips onto a metal tang next to the dipstick tube
  7. Another V6 4Motion EPC light

    TBH I managed to do the check by driving the front onto ramps yesterday and replacing it doesn't look all that hard, my main concern is whether to buy one and try it. I hear what you're saying, lots of people are saying crank sensor but they're £80 + VAT from TPS, dead money if it's not the culprit. Anyone in the Bournemouth area with a BDE whose sensor I could try?
  8. My 2002 BDE 4Mo has a misfire between 5 and 6000rpm at which point the EPC light illuminates both when accelerating hard and revving in neutral. Also when starting it always fires straight away but then the idle immediately drops and picks up again, once or twice this has caused it to cut out but it always starts again. Other than this the car goes very well and has always been reliable since I bought it in July. Yesterday after my local garage diagnosed a 16705 (G28 engine speed sensor) fault code I followed all the steps in Stage 2 above and my crank sensor checks out (819 ohms across terminals 2-3). I'm going to take a look at all the old school things like plugs, fuel filter etc (A car I once owned lost power going uphill and changing the fuel filter cured it, turned out the old one was full of rust because the previous owner used to run around with a fiver's worth of fuel in the tank and the first thing I did was to fill it up which helpfully washed the rust off the tank walls as I drove). Air filter looks fairly clean. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks and happy new year to all
  9. Another V6 4Motion EPC light

    A few other people have suggested that TBH but today I followed the steps in this forum thread and the resistances of my crank sensor check out:
  10. Another V6 4Motion EPC light

    Yes, only when accelerating hard between 5-6000rpm (although EPC light illuminates when revving the engine to this speed in neutral also). Just got back from the garage who diagnosed a 16705 fault code, i'm told this relates to G28 engine speed sensor?
  11. Another V6 4Motion EPC light

    Car is booked in at the local garage tomorrow morning as I don't have a laptop, free diagnostic check if they do the work or £30 if it's something simple and I decide to fix it myself. Thanks for the help, will see what they find, when I said Mk4 Golf they said possible coil pack straight away
  12. Hi Guys, 2002 V6 4Motion (BDE), misfire between 5 and 6000 rpm accompanied by "EPC" engine management light (aaarrgghh!). Still at least I know it hasn't been gaffa taped over like some. Owner's manual advises taking the car to a dealership ASAP, any other way to read the fault code? I'm pretty sure I can do the work myself as long as I can find out what the problem is. Thanks and happy new year to all on here :-)
  13. Club Event: Tatton Park VW Show 2016 - 08/07/2016

    Thanks for the quick response, as you say it's a long way to come just for the day so Leeds the following weekend might be a better idea
  14. V6 4Motion buyer's guide?

    Thanks guys, for a month I thought I was getting one which turned out to have a dodgy MOT so I had to walk away in the end However, another one came up in Cornwall which was better and had had more money spent on it so I went down last week and got it and i'm well pleased!
  15. Club Event: Tatton Park VW Show 2016 - 08/07/2016

    This looks like a good 1st trip in my new Golf V6 4Mo which I bought last week after months of searching If so i'll be coming from sunny (?) Bournemouth so is there camping on site at the event? Thanks guys, look forward to hearing from you!