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  1. After cleaning the injectors the car ran loads better by I was still not confident that they were delivering equal fuel supply to each cylinder. With a planned switch to E85 to take advantage of its cooling properties we installed these 225lbs (2360cc) Billet Atomizer injectors With plans to visit SantaPod we fitted these 245/40/18 M&H race master street radials After a few trips out on the road (sorry [emoji51] no none incriminating videos taken) we had a disaster when the Fluid Dampir crank pulley decided to come off. New bolt made and standard pulley fitted With that fix
  2. Went out in the car this weekend but was too excited for videos [emoji51]. Car was misfiring and after checking all the coils we came to the conclusion it must be the injectors. After pulling the injectors 2 were totally blocked. Some cleaning fluid and some compressed air from the local Tesco garage and the blockage was clear.
  3. More updates Car is now done On the truck home To say I’m happy with the finish is an understatement. When I picked the colour asked on the fact the Skyline R34 GTR is a dream car of mine I never imagined it would look so good on the golf.
  4. Car is now MOT’d, taxed & insured so fully street legal. Not really practical for pooping to the shops etc... but will be used on the road and the track. Standard inlet? When I turbo’d my first 12v that was the first thing to go. People get into all sorts of debates about runner length but the hubrennersporttechnic that I fitted made more power NA before the turbo was fitted than the original. I would save your self a lot of plumbing and get a cheap Ebay short runner.
  5. Definitely can’t wait to get back on the dyno. Don’t think I will be aiming for maximum power on the next session as I want to have some seat time before I risk it all going for big numbers.
  6. Started assembly today R32 headlights Fuel tank and chargecooler ice box thing mounted Might have to fix the ride height a little. Or maybe it just looks high because of the trolleys Most of the interior back in looks like a car again
  7. More fresh paint [emoji439] Extremely happy with my decision to powder coat the wheels black.
  8. Starting to shine now Excited to see the car with the windows in now. Painter said it will be done next Friday [emoji51]
  9. I am too. With the 10” wide wheels I have there was no chance but on the 9”s they just sneak in.
  10. Received some more pictures from my painter today. I think the car is looking amazing considering that is straight out of the gun. Can’t wait to see it polished with all the panels back on [emoji3]
  11. I would not worry about main bearing clearance in relation to power. Standard bearings and specs will be fine.
  12. You can borrow my crane but need my stand for spare engine [emoji6]
  13. Went to pay Jamie a visit at Unitsixteeenautomotive the other day. First Is the interior stripped. A leaking water fitting on my chargecooler has made the boot floor a little rusty [emoji85]. Happy it is looking a lot different now [emoji3] More updates next week week when the outside gets painted [emoji51]
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