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  1. 2.8 v6 24 valve vvt

    Lol that makes sense now [emoji1360]
  2. 2.8 v6 24 valve vvt

    Cool what’s a s2000 filler and 4 bar regulator do mate
  3. 2.8 v6 24 valve vvt

    Ok mate thanks for your response it’s appreciated [emoji108]
  4. 2.8 v6 24 valve vvt

    Yeah it’s a bde do you know anyone that has done this conversion
  5. 2.8 v6 24 valve vvt

    Hi folks I’ve just taken my 4motion off the road and planning engine rebuild and want to bore the block out and put bigger pistons im sure I’ve seen a post on here the 2.8 can go up to 3.0 so with a big valve head and cams that’ll be a nice upgrade. Don’t want to super charge it or turbo and don’t want to put a 3.2 into. So if anyone could recommend a good place to send it to please let me know. Thanks Scott[emoji594]
  6. Tornado Red VR6

    Shocking mate I work in a body shop and can tell you now they are cow boys. I'd go and put an hammer through his skull if that was my golf
  7. 2.8v6 4motion head work

    Thank you that's answered question I had. Cheers dude[emoji106]
  8. 2.8v6 4motion head work

    Does anybody know of a good reputable company that does gas flowing and head porting I'm in the Birmingham (England) area. [emoji106]
  9. BDE 6into1 manifold

    That's what I meant lol I've had a non resonated de cat put on. Thanks for the info mate[emoji106]
  10. BDE 6into1 manifold

    I'm after a stainless 6 into 1 manifold for my 4 motion bde engine if anyone has one to sell please let me know[emoji106]
  11. 4 motion rolling shell

    Cheers lads
  12. Hi all I'm after a 4 motion shell or part stripped car must have haldex though preferably in the U.K. Message me if you know of one[emoji106]
  13. Interior leak

    Is there any rust on the roof gutter where the plastic trims are? Or maybe if it's a 3 door the sealed rear windows have been poorly fitted allowing water Ingres which may then be seeping into the wheel well!! I would have a good look at the roof and windows first dude
  14. VW / VR6 / R32 memes

    Shit that's my ex missus [emoji23]