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  1. Valve springs

    Start was a fail. Knock didnt go away at all. It actually got very worse. Ended up getting a motor from a part out. Took me 4.5 hours to get the motor stripped down, to get my motor stripped down, and block removed from car. Now im working on cleaning the head and block prepping them both for all my good parts. Will update when i get another chunk done
  2. Thats what i keep thinking but u changed them so why did it continue to knock still
  3. Valve springs

    got a new bearing in and new bolts and shes got the pan back on and ready to get oil tomorrow and try starting it
  4. Valve springs

    Found my lost keeper
  5. Show me cool wheels

    I really want a set of these wheels and i really dig the purple!!!!
  6. Show me cool wheels

    Im in the states
  7. Show me cool wheels

    Hell ya cant wait to see them finished and installed. I should have my vr6 back sunday gonna put the new bearing in saturday and gotta wait for the rtv to dry before throwing oil in it
  8. Show me cool wheels

  9. Valve springs

    UPDATE~ got it back together and its still knocking around. Took the pan off and pulled the piston cap to find a spun bearing so new bearing and once again wishing for the best here.
  10. Valve springs

    Got some retainers....put the last one in and got the timing cover on. Then snapped a damn bolt on the cam cover. Grrrrrrr[emoji34][emoji34][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35] found a new bolt now just need to get it after work and pray i dont break anymore
  11. Valve springs

    Thought i had a broken valve spring so i swapped them with hd springs from autotech. Had to rig up something to block the intake port so that we could push down on the spring and the valve would stay up. My cousin is credited with this "schwaben" knockoff hahaha. Got to the last valve retainer....and it shot past our heads at about 100 mph we searched forever with flashlights on our hands and knees. Were never gonna find it so now im hunting for a local valve retainer to me. Once i find one ill be continuing to put her back together and praying it doesnt tap anymore. It didnt sound good before. I just want to drive my car i miss it
  12. Purple dash

    Its not painted?
  13. What exhausts do people put on there mk3 vr6's?

    I have a mk4. But i still recommend magnaflow. I love the sound
  14. Show me cool wheels

  15. Possibly. Last time i was in it before i took it apart again my temp gauge was acting funny