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  1. Valve springs

    Anyone know what this brown wire is too? Its in the top left of the pic
  2. Valve springs

    Turns out my intermediate sprocket bolt backed out so my upper chain isnt being spun. Trans is coming off and its getting retimed and and hoping for the best here. Gonna locktite thr damn bolt a little this time lol
  3. Mk4 vr6

    At least its figured out haha
  4. Mk4 vr6

    Swap ur fuel pump. I was having issues with mine not priming. Id smack it and it would prime and fire right up. Swapped the pump for a used one i got for cheap and no isses since
  5. Im having the same issue...keep getting a lean code p1156. Everyone keeps saying i have an air leak somewhere but i can not find it for the life of me. Been looking for weeks.
  6. Valve springs

    Believe i found an exhaust leak. My gaskets are shot hopefully replacing them gets rid of my p1156 code. https://youtu.be/kUOOEEFnnyU
  7. VW Golf Mk4

    VW Golf Mk4
  8. Valve springs

    Thats going to be my next step. Idk what else to do to be honest. Runs smooth as hell im thinking its leaning on idle or very light throttle
  9. Valve springs

    I went with autotech valve springs to compliment my techtonics 276 cams. I took it to redline a fee times since and it loves it! I keep getting a p1136 lean code and cant figure out why. Only thing i havnt replaced was my 02 sensor cause it has to be working still. The car runs great i dont know what to do now. Swapped out a 4bar fpr. Changed the coolant temp sensor also. Tried to get a tune and aptuning said its the same file i have already they dont change the file for cams cause my maf and 02 should regulate my air fuel ratios
  10. Valve springs

    Coolant temp sensor and oil pressure sensor went in the same week wtf mk4 problems!
  11. Valve springs

    Its a 2.8 12v from a 2001 gti engine code afp.
  12. blackwookie

  13. Who has a mk4 gti?

    Found an engine 20 min from my house for $150. Got it cleaned painted parts swapped, back in the car. Tune in a few days. It has a brand new 2.5 inch cat back stainless. Whats the update on your [email protected]
  14. Valve springs

    motor is in and shes alive boys! Saturday im driving over to aptuning and shes gonna get a flash for the cams. Gonna be awesome cant wait