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  1. When you do a service you only take out 275ml of oil can hold 450ml in total! No pics sorry got my trusted mechanic to do the job recommended to get a new gasket seal when doing the job! Took it for another drive last night and felt so planted highly recommend for other gen 1 haldex owners!
  2. Just got my powertrack plug installed, just a heads up you will need more than 275ml of haldex fluid mine took took just over 2 tubes of oil Which was unexpected! Feels amazing from my first drive last night, more planted for sure feels like a big upgrade
  3. Full hot karcher pressure washer! [emoji108]
  4. Just ordered one of these arriving shortly
  5. 1 owner from new with 7400 miles on the clock!!!!!
  6. The one I would be willing to swap for![emoji7]
  7. Installing the haldex 50/50 power plug in module on the 6th August will keep you posed on the results! Looking forward to some snow [emoji300]️ finally get all 4 spinning properly! [emoji13][emoji4]
  8. About to install the haldex power plug in! Getting installed on the 6th August will keep you guys posted on my thoughts and feelings! Purchased some extra haldex oil just in case any is lost during the installation to keep her nice and brimmed!
  9. Love it first time I had seen one in the June or July Performance VW magazine!
  10. Anyone heard of one of these sweet looking Dubs? [emoji7]
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