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  1. Sooo... It´s been a long few months spent in the garage but the engine is up and running It was quite a relief when it rolled over. It has some slight ticking but I presume it has to settle down, first 500km will be slow and steady to get the engine into the proper state Then dyno and some tune to get it smoother running
  2. SOoo...A few has changed over the winter... Car is r8 now broken into pieces... engine out, whole rebuilt, engine bay cleaned... Engine: head work + Schimmel 263 cams, lightweight pulleys, new engine mounts, refurbished manifold + cover, new gaskets, new chains, new piston rings, new ignition unit, new hoses, cooler, resealed AC, painted block + cleaned trans, new clutch kit, refurbished flywheel, refurbished starter, refurbished alternator...and maybe something more + BBS R17 from Polo Cross, tuned muffler, painted fenders + bonnet.... Lastl
  3. Hey, is there any difference in 2.8 and 2.9 bolts? Interested if it fits 2.9
  4. Thanks mate Why mushroom? Never heard that term...
  5. So, some things have changed, some haven't had the interior cleaned up, painted some bumpers and shot some pics
  6. A little update on this thread...done some maintenance, discovered few flaws to fix but nothing major Think I will go with the yachting front and rear upper wing...
  7. Messa like too :-) But I dunno... :-D cannot quite decide...have yachting, kamei or GTI grill available...
  8. Hi Just bought a VW mk3 Golf Variant VR6 Syncro - ABV engine, 140kW, beige interior, 2 prev owners with service history, 233t km on cluster. Original paint, nearly mint condition, 1% rust, past 5 years driven only in summer. Already changed: projektzwo headlights, oem bonnet, and mask...can't decide whether to go for Yachting or OEM look on this one :-D And have projektzwo cup mirrors ready to be installed Looking forward to get some good tips here ;-)
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