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  1. Me too. But dealers are renowned for high end prices and are happy to sit on them till they get good money. My Highline went for around the same money with slightly less miles. It’s so hard to find a clean Mk3 these days. There ain’t many original ones left now.
  2. Open to offers to shift the lot altogether.
  3. Just going through some boxes in the attic and came across a few rare bits ive collected over the years whilst i was an owner of an amazing vr6. The following parts are for sale. MK3 US Spec front bumper indicators Come with bulb holders and plug/wire £40.00 Genuine ABT Gearknob. Badge, rubbers and lug screws all intact. This had a piece of nylon bar inserted and threaded to allow it to fit fit my vr6 stick hence the marks on the bottom. You dont see the marks as the gear gaitor covers this. Comes with spare rubber ring and new abt badge. £100.00 Genuine Wolfsburg indicator wing blan
  4. That cars been in this club for many years. Good luck with the sale bro.
  5. Onwards and upwards pal. Time to drop the R32 lump in my caddy. [emoji106]
  6. Sad times mate. Ha. But it's gone to some sound guys who have a turbo and supercharged vr6. It's in good hands. [emoji2961][emoji26][emoji119]
  7. When you changed the throttle body did you use vag com to test and reset? Sounds like throttle position actuator needs resetting. You need to do a throttle adaptation, this runs the throttle body through a test and allows it to reset itself. as far as im aware the only way to do this is with vag com. its dead easy to do but there must be no other faults before you do it.
  8. Yes idle control valve pal. I thought it was a bolt on next to the throttle body on a obd2? I could be wrong. Mate..... it's doing my head in and it's not even my car. [emoji23][emoji23]. Yes I'm sure Vince will get to the bottom of it. Keep us posted what the problem was then I can get a good nights sleep. Hahahaha [emoji106]
  9. Should be gone this weekend mate. [emoji119]
  10. Cheers mate. Someone will be happy with it I'm sure. [emoji106]
  11. I loved the look of that cage when it was in mine. [emoji106]
  12. You still looking? I have a black highline for sale in the for sale section. [emoji106]
  13. You always miss the things that cause the most headaches. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  14. What about that other valve near the throttle body. Forgot the name of it. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  15. Haha. Ok cool. Whip the breather filter off mate and check it's not blocked. That's if it's been on there a while. [emoji106]
  16. Have you looked at the PCV VALVE? Over time can get filled with sludge and dirt. This can cause the valve to become blocked and inoperative, or it may start to leak. A PCV valve leak can cause the air-fuel mixture to run too lean, and this will cause a rough idle from cold. I've deleted mine as they are more trouble than there worth. Let me know how you get on. [emoji106]
  17. Nice looking motor there mate. Lucky to find that synchro hidden away. Looks like a fairly clean one too. Keep up the good work. [emoji106]
  18. Hi, It hasn't yet but I have viewings this week.
  19. Haha. Now if you extend the garage length ways to the end of the drive way you'll fit all 3 in. [emoji1787]
  20. Music to my ears. No other sound comes close. [emoji119]
  21. The old girl is now for sale. See for sale section if interested. [emoji106]
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