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  1. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Fair point. Just had a look on Fleabay again, the sellers called Boltonbits. sells all sorts of bits/parts for cars. It does say fits all Mk3 Golfs from 1.4 to 2.8? Worth an email maybe, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say..
  2. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Look on Ebay, sure I've seen some (after market mind) brand-new for around £20-£25.. Worth a look
  3. Help please

    Bit of a bummer they'd didn't do timing chain at same time as the rebuild £550 sounds a bit steep for an engine, but there again if its only done 72k I don't suppose its to bad, and obviously as you know get the timing chain done before its fitted. I think doing a strip down and rebuild of your original engine as and when you've got the funds is a good idea, if I were doing it I'd have the crank reground and balanced, the bores honed and then put new rings in and whilst the heads off have it gas flowed and put in some fast road cams from the likes of Schimmel, Schrick or Autotech etc, but that's just me...
  4. Help please

    Gutted... Not be better off taking the engine out of yours and do a rebuild..? Buying a second hand engine may have more problems than its worth, save on second hand and spend on yours instead? Seems a bit drastic to break it, if you're gonna sorn it, you might as well sorn it and work on the engine...
  5. Help please

    Bummer. Was worth a try I suppose, they did say that if I wasn't interested that they would scrap it, but that was only last week.....
  6. Help please

    You might be in look, there is a Dragon Green 5 door on an R plate for sale in Bolton. Its been parked up for a while as the guy that owned it crashed (apparently) on an industrial estate and damaged the drivers side front wheel etc and left it with the owners of a unit on there and they now want it gone. Was offered it at £600, but already have to VR's so not room for a 3rd, complete car with a nice interior, I only wanted the interior, but for that I'd have to take the car. Might be of use to you for the engine and other bits you never know? The guys called Darren 07879601308.
  7. Shrick manifold plus 268

    Bugger, needs to be OBD2. Oh well never mind. Good luck with the rotrex conversion ..
  8. Shrick manifold plus 268

    Forgot to ask, OBD1 or OBD2? Cheers.
  9. Shrick manifold plus 268

    Where abouts are you and have you any pictures? Cheers.
  10. Post the last photo of your car!

  11. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Here's a few pictures of mine and the Wife's VR's taken today whilst we where on a little wash and polish session. Things done, grill back from the painters and fitted to mine today, and Wife's back from the garage yesterday after having a new thermostat housing, thermostat and secondary water pump fitted.
  12. Turbo Build

    Thanks for that, will check them out. Cheers.
  13. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Painted the battery tray on my VR today, and then cleaned the engine bay area of the wife's VR and then fitted a nice polished alloy engine oil cap, coolant cap and power steering fluid cap....
  14. Tires

    I run Toyo Proxes T1r's (stretched) can't fault them, good in the wet and/or dry. Hope it helps....
  15. Turbo Build

    Looking good for sure. Quick question, where did you get the arch spats/trims from? I like them a lot, been looking for some for my VR, only place I can find is in the US (Optikworx I think they're called) Would love some of those you have, as I like different...