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  1. Turbo Build

    Looking good for sure. Quick question, where did you get the arch spats/trims from? I like them a lot, been looking for some for my VR, only place I can find is in the US (Optikworx I think they're called) Would love some of those you have, as I like different...
  2. Highline VR6 Badges

    Front and rear VR6 badges on Ebay at the moment if you still need them.
  3. Highline VR6 Badges

    No worries, just a thought. Good luck in your search then non the less..
  4. Highline VR6 Badges

    I know you say you've tried everywhere, but have you tried Ebay? They are occasionally for sale on there (may need a refurb, but its better than non) I've actually de-badged mine all round as I rather people didn't know that it was a VR6. Although you could also try VW themselves, or VW Heritage? I'm not saying they'll have any mind, but worth a look non the less, unless you've already tried?
  5. Bonnet sound proofing

    Nice looking VR you got there.. Yes think I'll source a new/try to get a new one then because as I say mines looking a bit shabby/tatty to say the least. Charger wise? I'm running a V3, and have been doing for nearly two years now and had it mapped again not so long ago, its pushing 290hp now which I'm more than happy with. Thanks for the input again though, its helped me make my mind up.
  6. Bonnet sound proofing

    Thanks for the input guys. Was just wondering as I know they run a tad hot, but with the extra warmth from the Charger I'm a little unsure as to whether to keep (ie; get a new replacement) or do away with? Thinking of getting the bonnet wrapped and don't want it to bubble up with the heat? Was sort of thinking without it, it might get rid of the heat a bit better as I think the soundproofing is a bit of a heat soak and so keeps in unwanted heat in the engine bay area? That's just my take on it, whether that's true or not, I have no idea. Thanks again though..
  7. Bonnet sound proofing

    Hi all, quick question and peoples thoughts on the matter. Basically is the under bonnet soundproofing actually needed or not.? ie: is it just to deaden the noise from the engine or does it act as a heat soak to stop the outside of the bonnet from getting to hot and damaging the paint work? I see quite a few VR's (Golf & Corrado) without it and just wondered. Basic reason for asking is mine has seen better days and is looking rather tatty to say the least, so do I do away with it completely or do I buy a new one? That's obviously if its still a current item from VW...? Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts.
  8. [SOLD] What's it worth?? Golf VR6 Highline

    No worries. Good luck with the sale..
  9. [SOLD] What's it worth?? Golf VR6 Highline

    Looks well in the pictures without a doubt. On what its worth? Hard to say really, its as we all know, its worth what someone's willing to pay...? There are a couple of Mulberry Highlines on Fleabay at the moment for around £5000, whether they get that for them or not? Remains to be seen. It would appear 3 doors are more sort after, although I have a 5 door Highline (Black) and the wife owns a 3 door Mulberry, its all down to personal preference? Price wise, unless anyone else wants to correct me and say differently? I say seeing as how its standard ete, etc, I say its got to be worth atleast £2500, £3000. Probably more? Just my thoughts on the matter mind, and its in no way shape or form intended to offend anyone on the price of what these cars are either worth and or should sell for. Hope it helps?
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Ooooh bugger...
  11. Tornado Red VR6

    All I can say is I feel your pain/anger/frustration. My VR has not long since been back from having paint work/rust treated removed etc done, Merc vent in front wing (I supplied) rear boot badge delete and smooth and front wings, bonnet and boot painted.. Now before car went in the bloke said he would remove rear screen to treat rust problem at the time of badge delete, front wing off to cut hole and weld in vent. The list goes on but this is to name just a few. Now whilst all this was being done I called over on a whim to see that the boot had been painted without the rear screen having been removed and the d=ck had even masked round the number plate (wtf) and the boot still had 2 tiny dints in which he didn't sort before painting. On looking further the front wing hadn't been taken off and the hole for the vent and vent had been welded in place with it still in situ, as I can now see this as there is rust and the original white paint on the inside of the vent. Further more after he had painted the bonnet there had obviously been a reaction/silicones in the paint as there were a few tiny pot marks? He said these were stone chips.? Stones chips I asked? He said you never said sort the stone chips, just paint the bonnet... Who paints something without sorting it out beforehand? Anyhoo on final finish of all paint work etc I go to pick car up to find runs in the lacquer and sanding marks under the paintwork to which he said, I think you're being a bit picky.... The bloke is a complete tool.. Thing is though he restores Splitscreen campers and the like and that's his business. With the work he did on my VR its a wonder he's got a business....
  12. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Ooooh bugger...
  13. Tornado Red VR6

    Gutted. Sadly it would appear i'm in a slightly similar postion to yourself. Went to collect mine today after paint was done, could have cried. I could see sanding marks through the paint in various places, scratches on the fresh paintwork an even parts which had been cut straight through back to the undercoat through serious excessive buffing/compounding of paintwork. So I feel your pain..

    Yes it is. Why you ask?

    Called in at the paint shop today to check on progress. Vent in wing done, back panel to back wings de-seamed and welded up and rear boot badge plated.