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  1. I too was looking into Turbo'ing my VR a couple of years ago and spoke to Vince at Stealth in great length about doing so. Long story short I ended up Supercharging it instead, all I can say is Vince stated that standard internals are good for 400 bhp, mine is standard and is running a modest (by todays standards) 290 bhp. As Noggin says above, ring and speak to Stealth as they'll be happy to point/guide you in the right direction.
  2. Outstanding sir, simply outstanding. Currently on the look out for an R32 (Already own a Supercharged MK3 VR6) which I will be keeping in standard trim...
  3. I am considering building a carport to cover the drive as its happens...
  4. Sounds good, could always bob along in the Wife's VR6 I suppose..
  5. I would have been interested, but sadly going to be taking a year out as I've a few jobs I want to do on my VR.
  6. The interior change sounds good, especially with the addition of a half cage in the back. Got a show cage off VR6CABBS (polished alloy) to go in the Wife's Mulberry VR6 just as soon as it comes back from the paint shop ready for the shows...
  7. Nice to see you've still got it as its a nice looking car without a doubt, I remember watching bidding ending on this on Ebay I think if memory serves me correct just after you'd bought it. Good luck with the turbo build, look forward to seeing some pictures...
  8. USA only I think? ( I could be wrong) Check out fourseason tuning, esc tuning, VF Engineering to mention a few..
  9. Did kinda think it would be from across the pond as you say if truth beknown... Be a massive help if you could ask about if you don't mind then Carl.. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hi all, I'll keep it short and sweet. Got one of the VR's in for paint (window out job), can anyone point me in the right direction for new rubber seals (rear side windows and tailgate on a 3 door) Have already checked with VW, VW Heritage, VW parts international with no joy as now obsolete. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers....
  11. Don't know, a friend of mine has a Stage 1 supercharged MK5 R32 and that has 362.2hp so its safe to say you're going to be somewhere in the middle...
  12. Not sure on a MK4, but I have the same set up on my MK3 VR6 and it puts out 290.7hp. Hope this helps...
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