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  1. I guess you mean the hard lines and not the flexes mate? Corroded main lines? The flexes are not normally the issue unless there bulging. Take them off carefully and give them a good rub with some wire wool. Mine on my mk3 GTI were corroded but it was only surface. Failing that take them to good car spares and they will measure them with a piece of string and crimp some ends on. You will need to bend them into shape though which is easy.
  2. Porsche calipers

    Try Epytec. They are in Germany but ship to the uk. They also have them on eBay. [emoji106]
  3. Porsche calipers

    There isn't a part number for the part you need but if you look on the Epytec website you will find them there. [emoji106]
  4. Golf mk3 vr6 highline

    Yes this Sold
  5. Rolling Road Day 2017

    It's around £25-£30 a person but we need a minimum of 25 cars mate. It would be worth Stealth opening up on a Sunday and bringing staff in for less mate.
  6. Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    Morning Dave, Thanks for the reply. I'll see if I can get one to send you if that will speed things up. Something I also wanted to ask! Would it be possible to reduce the length of the stick by 30mm and extend the length of the screw thread. The reason I ask is because I have a ABT gear knob and due to the length and limited thread it sits very high. I'd like it to screw down the thread to sit like this. Thanks Carl
  7. Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    @besters Hi Dave, Do you have any of these available? Is there a big difference in the throw? My car hasn't done many miles but was looking for something abit tighter. Let me know bud. Thanks carl
  8. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Well we need 25 cars for it to happen. It wouldn't be worth Stealth Racing opening up and paying staff on a Sunday for less cars.
  9. Just wanted to say a "BIG" thank you to all that attended the club stand. Same again next year guys?
  10. Saturday pics from the club stand......... Oh and our club mascot working the stove. [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. The fun begins....... Loading the car for the VW Festival. 5 x People 5 x People's swag 2 x big tents etc. The car looks like it's aired out. Haha. It's not happening. 3 x people on the [emoji577][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Afternoon Guys Still afew places left on the club stand at this event if anyone fancies it. Give me a shout. Thanks
  13. Vw festival ticket

    Sorted Mate. Pass is on its way.....
  14. Hi Mate, Private message me your Name, Full address and a contact number asap please. Thanks