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  1. Now advertised on vr6oc classified page on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. As above and in pretty good condition. Painted LC9Z Black Magic Pearl. £65.00 owns it. Postage will be extra. Can meet with it local to Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire. Inbox if interested. Thanks
  3. Brand new in original box complete with original mounting stickers and instructions. Only removed from the box for the photo's. £120.00 No offers. Would sooner this be collected but can meet for free within Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire area's. Thanks Carl
  4. VR6 conversion

    £360 on storage? That's a joke mate. It's £50 a month here for a 40ft container storage.
  5. VR6 conversion

    I can imagine mate. Mines going up for sale I think. I've been toying with the idea for a while now as it doesn't get used and it's a shame to watch it sit there and not get used. I will be gutted when it's gone but it's time to let someone enjoy it. Still only got 66k on the clock.
  6. I am selling a Stroeve Motorsport strutbrace for a MK3. The brace is in pretty good condition which I bought new from Stroeve in Germany about 5 years ago. Not really any good for mk3's fitted with air-con as the pipe along the scuttle panel gets in the way but there is the option to bend your pipe out of the way. Mine was fitted with air-con so it was never fitted. £80.00 Plus postage. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees or bank transfer is an option. Thanks Carl
  7. I am selling a Eihbach strutbrace for a MK3. The brace is in pretty good condition but wants a good polishing. If you know your stuff you will know these are pretty rare now. I've also seen them priced at alot more so price is fixed. £150.00 plus postage. Buyer is responsible for fees if Paying by PayPal or bank transfer is an option. If you require more photos please PM me. Thanks Carl
  8. VR6 conversion

    Yes that's a problem then mate but honestly it will cost you a fortune for a garage to do the full build. I'd get what I could comfortably get done myself then give a garage the rest to do mate.
  9. VR6 conversion

    It won't be a cheap deal mate if you get a garage to do it. The good garages will want decent dollar to do the conversion mate. Why don't you get the engine and box in and then give it to a garage to do the loom work and build it up. It will be half the price. I'd be tempted to drop the full front end in the subframe on a pallet so it's all in one and lift your gti over the top and bolt it all up. That includes all the suspension etc. The big job is complete then and you'll have it done in a day.
  10. VR6 MOT Emission Results

    But mine passes the emissions test...... haha
  11. Newbie

    Hi and welcome to the club. Your motor looks like a tidy one mate. Always had a soft spot for the MK4's.
  12. VR6 MOT Emission Results

    Or use a sports Cat which are pretty good. Mine is de-catted and still passes a genuine MOT. [emoji106]
  13. Newbie

    Would love one of these engines for my caddy van. Haha. Hard to find though.
  14. Newbie

    Would love one of these engines for my caddy van. Haha. Hard to find though.
  15. Hello from ayrshire

    Nice motor mate. The app for android and iOS are back up and running now. [emoji106]