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  1. Dan, inbox me or text your address over mate and I'll get your passes sent out. [emoji106]
  2. Need to get it booked mate. Normally stop the camping booking two weeks before pal. Message me your address pal and I'll send your pass out. Does ben not fancy it this year? [emoji106]
  3. Just saying hi,

    Hi and Welcome Phil..... Get some pics up of your motor mate....
  4. Mk3 Cloth Recaro's for sale

    Yes mate I still have them.
  5. Yes that's probably about right. I'd probably say the 12v and 24v run at the same temp and kick it around 100 but that's normal. They run hot anyway. Not sure about the 24v but certainly on the 12v you can buy a thermostat that opens at 76 degrees which kicks the fans in earlier to keep temps down.
  6. [emoji23][emoji23]. Bastard you said this for 2 years running. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Wouldn't they all vary dependant on how hot the engine is. But with new parts and coolant I'd imagine it would be less time.
  8. Rolling Road Day 2017

    [emoji23][emoji23]. The one you had up for sale at 10k on here. Let's see what interest we get on here as there's quite afew lad who haven't seen this yet and if you know them over on the Mk2 club you can invite if you want mate[emoji106]
  9. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Easy tiger..... There's plenty of time left. I'm confident we will get a full house and it will be a good day as always. [emoji23][emoji23] Pretty sure Pete's put it up on the Facebook page mate. Just wanna give our club first shout on places before I open it up. You bringing yours along by any chance or did it sell?
  10. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Haha. Well turd of the day will go to the car who rolls the lowest BHP. Bodywork doesn't come into it pal. We've had cars with not the best bodywork but running 400+ bhp. Quite an eye opener....... haha
  11. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Hi All, I was thinking probably the mid September or even the last weekend in September but we need to get the numbers up before I can book it. Let me know your thoughts. There is always a good turn out and as always there will be a trophy presentation at the end. Even the turd of the day will get one... hahahaha. Just to remind you all it was me with "turd of the day" last year..... lol
  12. Afternoon guys, The clubs stand passes have arrived and only 3 weeks left to fill the club stand. We originally booked a stand for 10 but they have give us a stand for 15. The pressure is on to fill it now. Anyone interested in coming and supporting the club and wish to take a place on the club stand give us a shout. This show is probably one of the best and has always been an excellent weekend. Can the following members above who have put there names forward for a place please direct message me your names, addresses and postcodes so I can post your passes. Thanks
  13. For sale

    Can't believe you haven't sold this pal. It's a bargain with the amount of mods you've done and what with the mileage. Had to find low miles ones now.
  14. Bungles

    It's a SP2 mate. Rare as hens teeth. It showed its face at worthersee this year.