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  1. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    You still got this mate.
  2. Vr6 1997

    Please add pictures. Many thanks
  3. Powerflex rear axle bushes for sale. These were bought for my vr6 for £90.00 but never used. Pretty sure I also have new oem axle bolts to go with them which will be free if needed. Buyer is responsible for postage charges but can collect or meet in the Manchester area. Cash on Collection or PayPal. If you don't want to send payment via friends and family you will be responsible for PayPal charges. £50.00 NO OFFERS.
  4. VR6 Golf Highline MK3 £4950

    I just don't get the time to use mine anymore pal and no space for it at home so it's in it's best place. Will be for sale soon. Just didn't see any point in trying to sell it over the winter. I know I'll regret it but someone will enjoy it.
  5. Window seals

    Hi pal, The only place your likely to get them from now is across the pond in the US. I will ask a few that I know and see if I can get anywhere for you. I also know a Spanish lad too who I purchased my vr6 sill strips from. I'll drop them a message
  6. VR6 Golf Highline MK3 £4950

    This is so uncanny debs. My black highline came to me from a guy who had it as a company car then was given it by the company when he retired. Mine came from the Kent area with only 34k at the time and only has 66k now. It sits in storage these days gathering dust. Lol. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Mk3 sunroof

    Try the vr6oc classified page on Facebook mate. Probably more chance on there.
  8. Vr6 highline 3 sill protection foils ome

    They were discontinued 10 years ago mate but I was lucky to buy some from a Spanish guy. Still I think I gave about 160 plus postage for the pair. Lol. Probably let mine go with the car when I put it up for sale. Good luck in your search.
  9. Mk3 golf o/s front wing oem

    Like chickens teeth now mate lol. There were a couple on Ebay last week with only minor surface rust but they still wanted 120 each for them. VW heritage still have some brand new genuine ones in stock but they come at a price. If your interested you have to contact them direct as they don't advertise them on there website.
  10. Interested in buying a VR6

    You'll be pushed to find a 98 car mate. The best of them are away in storage. I'm going to be putting mine up for sale shortly. Check my pictures and if your genuinely interested I can send you some info. Cheers Carl
  11. Now advertised on vr6oc classified page on Facebook and Instagram.
  12. As above and in pretty good condition. Painted LC9Z Black Magic Pearl. £65.00 owns it. Postage will be extra. Can meet with it local to Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire. Inbox if interested. Thanks
  13. Brand new in original box complete with original mounting stickers and instructions. Only removed from the box for the photo's. £120.00 No offers. Would sooner this be collected but can meet for free within Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire area's. Thanks Carl
  14. VR6 conversion

    £360 on storage? That's a joke mate. It's £50 a month here for a 40ft container storage.
  15. VR6 conversion

    I can imagine mate. Mines going up for sale I think. I've been toying with the idea for a while now as it doesn't get used and it's a shame to watch it sit there and not get used. I will be gutted when it's gone but it's time to let someone enjoy it. Still only got 66k on the clock.