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  1. Charged vr6 clutch

    As previously quoted mate 500 miles should bed it in nicely but you gotta keep them horses low. [emoji23][emoji23].
  2. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    Nope that's his charged Rado pal. [emoji106]
  3. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    There a good bit of kit mate and so easy to use. Fuck all that pumping the peddle. Lol. I also have Brembo's on mine which were a mission to get the air out. I used it to flush all the old fluid out then push new fluid in. Every vr owner should have one. Haha [emoji106]
  4. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    There's a pipe in there to so you can push it on the bleed valve to catch the fluid what comes out.
  5. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    The easibleed kit fastens to the reservoir top. You fill the bottle with fluid and fasten one end the the top and the other end of it goes to the valve on a tyre to push the fluid through. Don't use a tyre with more than 15 psi in it through as it can blow the seals on your cylinder.
  6. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    Haha. You should take it easy mate especially if your charged. Not sure with the cap. I always use an easibleed kit attached to a space saver with about 15psi in. It's so much easier and bleed it at the other end.
  7. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    What fluid have you used? And what clutch is it? You will always get a softer pedal with a new clutch but it shouldn't slip. I'd try bleeding it again. Might have some air in there still.
  8. Breaking in period on clutch and flywheel

    I'm pretty sure the breaking in period is only for the clutch plate to bed in. It shouldn't be slipping regardless. Have you tried bleeding it up again? What kind of peddle are you getting?
  9. Need help!!!

    The UK sucks for the best in VW. Haha. You guys across the pond were gifted with all the best bits . [emoji23][emoji106]
  10. Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    Drop@besters a message. He will reply when he see it pal.
  11. Tornado Red VR6

    Good work mate. Gonna be one solid shell with no more rot. [emoji106]
  12. See through engine

    Don't try this at home kids. Hahaha. Cool video. [emoji106]
  13. Golf mk3 vr6 highline

    This car is potentially sold. Deposit taken. Well worth every penny.
  14. Gauge pod wanted