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  1. can get em new from vw ask for :- 323 853 601 041 from the parts peeps...
  2. Std recaros dude, retrimmed in beaver colour leather to match the door cards. But i put up the pic to show the highline console in light colour,not in black. . . :-)
  3. oh yes it is!!!! still, i like that one you have, padded lockable armrest!! nice!!
  4. none down my way till last night, but this morning.... the mk1 is much luckier.... winter wheels??? and a house just down my road at about midnight yesterday ..
  5. sounds like you need to keep sanding buddy. i started with 80 on mine, then went all the way through to 1200 before using autosol to get it nice and shiny.. the more little black specks you can get rid of the better, depends on just how good you want it to be when finished..
  6. i help to run tidyvag, a southerners vdub club, and also am a member of the mk1 golf club too..
  7. mine rubbed on the front edge of the rear bumper too, right where it meets the wheel arch.. if you are careful you can chop some off the inside of the bumper without it being visible from the outside...
  8. just spotted this. may have to come over for a play!!
  9. but they dont look like recaro's to me - just standard leather and why have they got the tilt mechanism on the wrong side ?? they are recaros for sure, from a colour concept. slimmer, different shaped side supports and tilt handles both sides and looks like a gooooood deal to me on your side for sure..
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