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  1. Bug Jam 26

    Good to see you all! I felt so bad about being parked up in the hardstanding whilst you guys where moshing it up.. Still, well done to parky for an amazing first run and spadam for having a crack, and erm well craig.. Nuf said no, hang on.. Um, oh yeah that was it.. HANDBRAKE???!?!?
  2. Hello strangers.. It was a good show and the competition was fierce however the vr6oc members (apart from myself) did the club proud with some mint examples on the stand! A huge big thankyou to nero who without his dedication to the cause would have seen me sat on the m40 waiting for a lift or blowing up neenaw! Still he drove me all the way back to pick up my trailer so that cinders could go to the ball! Great group, great night amd great show! Bring on fast show in 2 weeks for the next debarle! P.s. all my pics went on the clubs fb page ;-)
  3. Bug Jam 26

    The Pod site has no more VW discounted tickets left.. only £70 ones..!
  4. The VRStig is dead, long live the Redneck

    Easy y'all... Its true.. This stig has left the building and come out of the closet.. I have realised the error of my ways and accepted who and what i am.. (helmet jokes aside benjaminge!!) For those who havent heard I have been away for a short while whilst attempting to rebuild my life since leaving my home, children and now ex partner. Long story, but she didnt find out about vrstig, it did come out on fb in not so many ways, but either way the past 3 years have been leading up to now and i guess thats life! Redneck Racing is now an official setup and from here on in, we plan to be playing with vr's officially out of the closet! We aint too good at it neither but its amazing what a grinder, gripfill and bailer twine can fix! Please come and show ur support at Ultimate Dubs where the birth of neenaw will astound all who dare to walk by.. Wether it be his delicately decorated exterior that catches your eye, or the magnificently installed vr6turbo lump thats been cable tied to the chassis, theres much to see and the best thing for me is my children love it and my ex missus cant stand it and doesnt know where its come from!?! She thought I was merely a keyboard warrior browsing forums of an evening.. Nevermind! So folks, I guess i best get to sum shows for once and Amazingly start racing under the redneck banner so please look for the big black van, and confederate flag flying at most of the events this summer, pop over and have a swig on our moonshine, say hi and i'll introduce you to Jake Fronda :-)
  5. may have a TSHQ open surgery afternoon on the Friday i=f theres enough interest...? Not sure we will have time on the Saturday morning as its gonna be a bit manic getting to the meeting point and on to Janspeed.. Thoughts please..?
  6. did u say u want some bits cutting out.....????? ;-)
  7. Craggsy

    Hes given me shed loads of abuse before... I guess I can thank him for that!!? ;-)
  8. Bug Jam 26

    Yey!! :-)
  9. Bug Jam 26

    Ill be there peeps but will be racing this year.. Can i still join u guys tho..? Xxxxx
  10. Im paid up and looking forwards to this... May b bringing sam and his sc syncro too...
  11. Nice! Yep.. Look forwards to it :-)
  12. Nice wrapping fella! Ur wheels are looking bang tidy too! The pics dont give them credit! That handbrake pull was funny as!!!
  13. Reminds me of the christmas doo 2010..??!? :-)