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  1. fitted some wheels and done a Straight 63mm Exhaust with two boxes, she sounds good. need to ad a new front spoiler and oil catch tank..and tune her
  2. After the test drive i need to bleed out the brakes and check the alignment but other than that just need to put some km's on the motor and fit the branches and exhaust
  3. 3.1L build the mess assembled everything... first time crank and it started up, no knocks, pings or sounds... taking her out tonight for a test drive
  4. thanks man, block is out, just the money problem now lol... going to do new chains, bearings, mains, everything new... bore out with BMW M40 pistons and lighten the flywheel... progress will be slow again
  5. on the way home a lady in a BMW 1 series knocks into the back of me, cracking the rear bumper and just before getting stuck on the N1 when a plastic make shift T exploded, thought the car was on fire lol... what a friday the 13th indeed.. anyhooo fixed the pipe with a metal piece and went to the dyno the saturday 14th, picked up another 9kw, so on the pump fuel map im sitting on 144kw on the fly.. Off to MSA: best time of the day was a 15.002 got crank case ventilation , smoke out the top and zorst on WOT then some rims...... but then sold again now: ok so head off and we s
  6. 14.9 1/4mile - Went to a dyno day straight after MSA at JDMWORX, first car on the rollers 134kw 238nM ATW bought rims... at Wheelworx getting redone 17inch narrow wides BBS RS reps..
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