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  1. and i am liking this... more... - http://speedhunters.com/archive/2010/01/29/car-feature-ultimate-misfit-the-ferrambo.aspx
  2. mate' date=' i'm glad you pointed it out ;-) [/quote'] absolutely - i had to get in there first!!! when do you think it will be up and running??
  3. i dunno??!! whichever has more fuel in probably.. lol... so probs the mk1? !!
  4. it did clean up ok, but i couldn't hack the scratches left underneath where the arches used to be so i had the wings and rear panels painted. varies from car to car to be honest.. cornish - you may get away with it, take em off and have a look. see what they are like underneath. if they are bad, put them back on.. if they are ok leave em off.. ?
  5. i have been to this a few times before - always found it to be a good show! will try to come again this year, but probably just the sunday....
  6. i like it on those wheels, think it looks great.. de-arching it will make the sides slightly narrower so you may not need to space them out at all. here are some very old before and after pics of mine when i removed my arches.. before. after
  7. cool and the gang.. i don't do mornings, especially on a sunday..
  8. sundays are all cool with me. afternoons though pls..
  9. if you are the driver and showing inside you get in free. your passengers pay as normal.. but they can pay saturday and hence don't have to queue up on sunday mornin.. jst walk past the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig line and go straight in..
  10. yeah i have a couple.. yokomo electric rally/touring car and also off road buggy too.. both four wheel drive, tweaked with fast motors, big batteries, no limit speed controllers - do nearly 40!! not bad for an electric r/c car. great fun! especially in the snow!!
  11. looks like the auxiliary water pump to me.. (back of engine, right hand side, under/behind the coilpack)
  12. 'twas a good afternoon, glad to meet up with you all! i smell smokey too h!!
  13. will they fit under 17's?? or do you need 18's to clear them??
  14. i have 165/50/15 on my mk1 golf and that doesn't have enough traction!! dread to think what it would like on a vr!!! i say stick with the 195's..
  15. where in dorset are you nex?? i'm in bournemouth if you wanna hook up swing me a pm dude..
  16. cool with me.. jake - you will have to let me how to get to yours, gimme a bell or a text dude!
  17. will you be needing a text reminder this time be good to see you lol!! yes please!
  18. can it be in the afternoon as i work saturday mornings... ??
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