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  1. Hi, recently got myself another MK3 VR and I'm experiencing issues with the indicators, Sometimes they work other times they won't work or will stop randomly , However when side lights or headlights are switched on they won't work at all, I have changed the stalks with a second set yet I'm still experiencing issues, does this sound like a bad earth somewhere or possible wiring problem? any help appreciated, mark
  2. I'm on the hunt for an original steering wheel and airbag in good condition, seems my mot tester didn't like my aftermarket momo non airbag s/wheel.
  3. Bad news on the engine mate, think I caught that post on Facebook the other night, if you need a hand with anything gimme a shout, I still have a few running issues myself atm.
  4. Urgently need a mulberry front bumper, ideally complete with indicator/fog set but not essential. message if you can help. thanks
  5. Hi guys , im on the search for a pair of immaculate front leather mulberry seats, must be in excellent condition, i may consider a full interior if your not willing to split, thanks
  6. I will be there all weekend so will come say hi :-)
  7. I had a great weekend, 1st time at inters, shame there were no other members there for the full weekend but won best in class on the Saturday s&s then was invited on the forge stand for the Sunday, managed to get some pics of a couple of members cars from the Sunday which I will upload :-)
  8. Tickets sorted, car almost ready after it's weekend at inters, not long to go if anyone else is interested tickets are still available :-)
  9. Will be arriving Friday afternoon in general camping, if anyone spots the car come say hi and join for a beer ;-) Will have some vr6oc flyers in the windscreen
  10. Is anyone heading up for the full weekend? Is there club camping or just general? I'm swaying towards making the trip up now
  11. Really awesome car, spent quite some time looking around this at ud, shame about the LM's they really suited it did u manage to salvage any of the parts from them or can they be repaired at all? :-)
  12. I will most likely be putting it in the show and shine on the Sunday but there is option of club stand on the Saturday too if that was the plan? :-)
  13. bealieboy, Thanks for the comments it will be around at a few more shows this year before it comes off the road after edition38 for a revamp.
  14. Yes Lukey, I will be there that weekend so no doubt you will see the car around somewhere, unsure it will be on display most likely parked next to the tent and a very large drinks/beer cooler :-) Will be good to meet up anyway
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