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  1. at the moment mine looks like this . . . .
  2. if you gonna do it do it properly . . . but that means painting both sides really . . . i'd love to do mine so it looks like this . . . . really like no arches and black bumper tops and side mouldings
  3. if it isn't rubbing it isn't low enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. looking lush matey is that your car playground you took pics in???????
  5. gonna be good mate coilovers make such a difference mine's silly low and still got loads of thread left
  6. sounds stupid but do you think it runs slighly hotter now with polished manifold ??? i'm sure mine does . . . unless i'm imagining things . ..
  7. sweet as matey lookin goooooooood with vr power it'll be awesome . . .
  8. just wondering if any one is going to no-rice at fleet services southbound on wednesday evening??? usually a good meet hoping to see some nice vr's up there i'll be there .will you ???
  9. that's a goooood lookin motor definately needs to gown down slightly more at the back just like you said good skills
  10. pretty damn shiny nearly as shiny as mine ha ha ha ho ho ho
  11. like it mate like it don't drive round my way with no rear plate the coppers will have you !!!!! love the azev a's . . . .one of my fave wheels of all time. a classic design . . . keep up the good work
  12. could do with one in southampton or salisbury or somewhere like that . . . . i guess it depends on how many of us there are but i will try to get up to bristol in july to say "hello"
  13. i'll try to be there gonna be a late one though by the time i get back to bournemouth oh well good excuse for a hack any chance of a meet any closer to home
  14. like em loads what are they from not sen them with that type of spoke/rim arrangement
  15. good luck hope it goes well hangovers and car repairs . . . i know all about that
  16. glad you all like it - will be at E38 in sept but before then hopefully the mini meet south west and no-rice on june 8th at fleet services owes me a bit??!!!!** of money and loads of hours polishing (and a new ecu) there are more photos in premium members gallery and also another thread on this forum cheers peeps richie
  17. hope this works . . . . sorry peeps not too good with computers stuggling here
  18. i finally got some photos of my car now it's been vsr'd hope you wanna have a look . . .
  19. i have one at home if you still want it pm me and we'll sort it out
  20. i'd be interested definately for me gotta be design 1 but they are all kinda cool
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