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  1. VW Golf GL 1.6 AUTO - LOW MILEAGE - IMMACULATE CHASSIS. Also very mechanically reliable. (Dry stored for ~12 years, 1 lady owner prior to this) Dragon Green Electric windows front & rear Electric sunroof Alloy wheels Air Con Recent brake system refresh including new front callipers, ATE brake bias valve, brake shoes & cylinders. Fully serviced in January - Inc. Auto Gearbox - Genuine parts used. Lots of service history - book of receipts MOT - September —————————————————— I bought this as a donor body shell for my VR6. After months of looking for
  2. Thanks mate yeah I'm absolutely gutted, if anyone has any of the broken parts kicking round that they're selling it would be a great help struggling at the mo !
  3. All courtesy of auto body craft http://www.autobodycraft.co.uk/home.html
  4. Pissed off doesn't even come close I've just unpacked the box of packaged parts which the body shop removed and found more damage. If anyone has or knows where I can get these looms window regulators lock mechs or window seals in good condition it would be much appreciated.
  5. The window seals have been bent up so even when straightened out are kinked and look/ fit awful.
  6. Had to arrange and pay for recovery back to mine to after being threatened by the part owner who said he would take a hammer to it. IMG_1632.MOV
  7. Inside the sills are filled with mig wire Edit On pulling the masking tape off gently the paint comes straight with it. This is inside the door the same has happened on the bonnet and door apertures.
  8. Thats awful, people need to know exactly what these places are like. There are still stone chip marks under the new paint on the bonnet on mine but thats the least of my issues to be honest. the body shop - Auto body craft Unit 9 Double Arches Farm Eastern Way Heath and reach Leighton buzzard LU7 9LF http://www.autobodycraft.co.uk/locations.html I advise everyone to avoid using this body shop on basis that the work is horrendous and the part owner is very aggressive. In my case he went to the extent of criminal damage b
  9. The body shop in question have been horrendous, went down to give the final payment and noticed the filler cap repair had a paint lip visible on the rear quarter, the tailgate plinth had cobwebs stuck in the paint and wasn't even fully painted. The part owner of the shop lashed out and threatened to smash the car up after I mentioned the two above things that I wanted fixing before final payment. The signed Contract says they didn't want payment untill I was satisfied with the work. Will give full details of the 'bodyshop' when I have my car back. I stripped the entire car bar the t
  10. went to see the car to put axles back on and yet more rust that had been covered up and ignored which I had to ask to be sorted!
  11. http://www.deutsche-parts.co.uk/ The floor pans where £250 per side shipped from germany taking 10 days to come. be careful as the rear floor pan is one skin thick but the front has multiple sections
  12. pressed in the direction - smaller to larger hole diameter size. Getting those washers back on is the next job
  13. Just done them using a Fly press- make sure lip is engaged all the way round, make sure the bush is the correct way round aswell !
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