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  1. brilliant bungy! lightweight racing version of me... thanks gary, and everyone else, you guys have cheered me uploads!
  2. Thanks everyone. :-) have had op to remove appendix. Twas knacked. Bit sore at mo, but on the way up to getting better ?:-) should be home in a couple days. .
  3. cheers pete. worst thing at the mo is i'm not allowed to eat. sooooooooo damn hungry. could murder some cheesy chips
  4. had some pains in the stomach/groin area, went to the docs and he thinks appendix. great. so i am having the weekend at least in b'mth hospital. at least they have free interwebs so i can catch up on here. . see ya all sooon
  5. lolz - cheeky fecker!!!! i have been to 2 now!!
  6. scrub that.. it's on a sunday!! woop... still, i don't do sunday mornings though lol. . . . . probably still be about 1.30 -2.00 for me ideally..
  7. not till 2 for me, working till 12.30..
  8. i won't be there till at least 2, as working till 12.30... if i remember...
  9. will probably be this thingy here :- take off the lower dash trim on the passenger side. you will find the 4 pin plug towards the centre console. un plug it. squeeze the tabs (from memory) and pull it out.. i bet the 3 low speed resistors will be blown. buy a new one and refit..
  10. also do you have the same tyres both sides on the front?? different tread patterns can cause it to pull. also check tyre pressures too
  11. very cool. i may have to blatantly copy this to go with my blue and red speedos...
  12. did you have the tracking/geometry/alignment sorted after the coils were fitted?? if not i'd get that done for sure.
  13. i love these!! bast rado they made, green storm cream leather : -mmmmmmmmm nice!! will look out for it at ultimate dubs
  14. i have to say that i think the vsr is better..... much better looking for sure. i don't think there is much difference between them, though as craig said the vsr only fits the early style throttle body with separate isv. the schrick can fit either...
  15. tidy!! very nice for a series 2.. any more pics?? i have always had a soft spot for the series 1! just something about them..
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