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  1. tone - you should rename yourself "cillit" . . . ??
  2. you will have to do that pete - i am not on face book.... use whichever ones you like....
  3. in the photos section dude!! . had a good day, saw some peeps, and some cars.. then went homeward!!
  4. had a good day out hobbling round today. met veedubvr (shaun??) on saturday - busy cleaning away, briefly spoke to a hanging stig on sunday with tony, but that was it.... cars looked sweet on display peeps, but where were the banners??? I took quite a few pics, but at least half of them came out rubbish.. so these are some of the decent ones... and finally, this for me was the star of the show, totally awesome!!! colour, paint, interior, wheels, the lot!! spot on!!
  5. i think i'd be in the running with "least miles per year " at the mo...
  6. hmmm, hopefully something simple like ball joint or track rod end or suspension bush??? be good to see the mk1 though dude!!
  7. yeah!!! (for the mk1) and also boo! (for the vr) what's wrong with the vr?? !
  8. in on for the 20th.. will get on the case for a meet up place, then onto a pub and some nice roads and pic places!
  9. shaun is meeting me at rownhams at 12.30.. then we will be going up the a34 and onwards to victory!! ..... sorry, telford. see you badgers up there..
  10. lots of work involving cutting and welding! but yeah, it can be done.
  11. i don't think so dude, i believe it to be temperature related..
  12. i don't know why they are struggling for you.. the 4-pin sensor does the dash temp and aux water pump. part no 701 919 369 D SHOULD have sorted it for you, unless you have further issues somewhere. the replacement switches are no longer yellow, it should be black with a blue band. and you are quite correct - the brown one is air-con only..
  13. possibly. you may be able to get to it by removing the lower glove box and wiggling your hand up behind the airbag, but you may have to take the airbag out to get to the connector. ** DISCONNECT THE BATTERY ** just in case when you plug it back in... don't want it going off..
  14. they are indeed factory skirts. just go to vw dude, they are about 30 quid ish each side and just gently pull off and push back on again.. start at the back edge and work your way forwards to get it off, then tuck the front end in and work backwards to get it off... simples!!
  15. all you need to check is square or oval repeaters... some will have aerial hole on pass side too, some don't...
  16. need to loosen the metal cross brace and the steering column. then you can pull them forwards enough to get the heater box forwards, then you can get the matrix out upwards...
  17. 10w40 semi synthetic. if you are gonna get your service bits from TPS, get it at the same time. just ask them for silver synta..
  18. nope, just need a long extension to get in there... and the plug lead removal tool which, hopefully, is still on your bonnet stay .. Looks like this...
  19. richievr

    i-pad 2

    pete - you may as well have written that in chinese!!!! can you see it flying waaaay above my head!!
  20. tps.... http://www.thetradepartsspecialists.co.uk/ find your local on their ste...
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