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  1. gav speaks the truth... heck, we've all lost the love at some stage - i think the only surviving bit of mine is the shell and carpets!! i've replaced the rest of it over the years.....
  2. the matrix is not difficult to do, just time consuming.. i have done mine and a friends so if you need any advice gimme a holla bud!! keep the love!!
  3. ok dude. you can buy no9 from vw. it comes with a new no16 as part of it. BUT.... about £100 ish... also have a search on here for "pcv valve" or crankcase breather.. you should find answers for your quest. like this http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?281068.post or http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?232789.post
  4. it is kinda cool, if i am back on my feet we will go and find it, if not will have to postpone for a while..... on the list though..
  5. lols.. would make an awesome house, MASSIVE lounge across the 3 windows, huge sun terrace, great views..... slight resto needed though..?
  6. ha ha ha .... goes under the carpet, right hand side, by the side to side rail the front of the seat slides on. official description is . . . . ."cover cap" ... pic is lhd, so just mirror image it for rhd....
  7. all i can say is what the heck is that!!!!??????? having been a vw parts man for 7 years, and stripped my interior plenty of times i thought i would know.... but you have me stumped. for now....
  8. proper sensible price,looks good for that money dude. and another team south member i hope!!???
  9. old ww2 control tower..... does involve some fence hopping to get there, which i can't do at the mo..... but hopefully will be able to in a few weeks time...
  10. any pics dude, don't know what pipe you mean at the mo.... or, is it on here:-
  11. it may have to be at my house!!! no driving for me for at least 2 weeks....
  12. Now there's a good idea. Feckin crappy hospital foods. Lol. And cheers h and nat. Still hope to see you all at ud's
  13. WOOP WOOP OUT TODAY!!!!!!!! thanks for all the kind words people, cheered me up loads.
  14. but he has said it runs fine?. that is why i thought of oil cooler, as it gives the same symptoms as head gasket (Creamy oil,slight loss of water) but of course the engine runs fine cos the headgasket is ok..??? plus we used to sell quite a few when i worked for vw too....
  15. in the forest. only about 3 storys high, but still cool in my view. used to be able to get on the roof. don't know if you still can though
  16. could be the oil cooler has broken internally. as said, get a headgasket test done, if it isn't that, then i would look at oil cooler. does the car drive ok?
  17. beach bar-b in the summer could be a winner.. who wants to go to the old ww2 airport control tower?
  18. i was thinking of the alice lisle pub russ, is nice in there and plenty of parking. could go for a play in the sand pit after? or drive through the forest back towards soton way... when i am back on my feet i'll get my thinking head on.
  19. caught it before it burst fortunately h. apparently i am on the mend, but will be here a couple days yet..
  20. paracetamol, and oramorph. the morph made me feel like crap though. oh, and strepsils for my throat.
  21. very tender at the mo. but getting there. thanks to all once again
  22. country pub in the forest,or down the beach? could leave the beach for the summer possibly though?
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