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  1. Hey mate - can you drop a comment on https://www.facebook.com/events/4889296404502564 and will get you added to the group chat
  2. Do you have any photos of the area where it’s leaking from? probably unrelated, but worth ruling out for peace of mind as this is a common mistake a lot of people make.
  3. Never had that before but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility but I didn’t expect it to protrude into the coolant system ?
  4. Hey mate. logic thing is that it’s crack pipe. Or the hoses are not fully tightened up. Check thermostat housing as they generally warp and never seal back properly. If you put some coolant in it should dry pink and may help you identify where it’s coming from easier ?
  5. No worries, the part numbers are TB0580 and TB0581 if you ever changed your mind and only came to around £24 when I got them back then. Just get some rolled / rounded edge jubilee clips unless you have a brand new spring clips as they never go back on properly and more than likely will leak. If you've had crack pipe off etc… then first fill your engine with just water and check for leaks before putting coolant in - all too often you see leaks where the block has not been cleaned up properly Cheers. P
  6. If you can, replace them with silicon hoses. I got mine from merlin motorsport (samco ones)
  7. Hey mate. It’s a dummy plug. In some colder climates a plug that heats the throttle body / inlet is in its place.
  8. Personally I think he will struggle to get the price he's asking for
  9. Tips On How To Drive In Style For those car lovers out there, driving in style and customising your car is just part of the fun. But where should you start when looking to drive in style? Do you start with the interior or do you add customisations to the outside of the car? In this article, we will be providing you with top tips on how you can start to drive in style. Add Some Well Needed Gadgets Every car needs some gadgets and there is plenty for you to choose from. Whether it is a coffee machine in the cup holder or some TV screens for your kids in the ba
  10. I think it depends on many factors to be honest. like health of your water pump, coolant system, health of sensors etc.. I always found my VR6 mostly would be stage one / stage 2 after giving it a bit of welly also had a new radiator fitted too (copper core). My oil temps were quite high too and then I got a new oil cooler and temps dropped by 20 degrees!
  11. Stage 1 Controlled by the temp sender in the rad, directly to the fans Switch On: 92-97 C (198-207 F) Switch Off: 84-91 C (183-196 F) Stage 2 Controlled by the temp sender in the rad, combined with info from the yellow temp sender via the fan controller Switch On: 99-105 C (210-221 F) Switch Off: 91-98 C (196-208 F) Stage 3 Controlled by the black coolant temp sender, via the fan controller Not listed in the guide above, but it kicks in at around 110-115 C. For non-AC cars, stage 3 should never come on under normal conditions
  12. Tat looks like some serious work you are undertaking ! How are you getting on with it?
  13. They are not specific to the VR6 - But I guess you are talking golf, right? generally breakers would be your best bet, or stick something up in the wanted forum section
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