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  1. Hey cool thanks let me know and can get money sent across 👍
  2. Ah sweet. Just to confirm. They are for the 5speed vr6 gearbox. Also is it something you have ready to send out and what’s the price ???
  3. Hi there was wondering if the short shifters are still available. thanks
  4. I have the Facebook account but most of that is for people to sell stuff. And yes there’s some helpful stuff on there. But was really wanting to meet new people and get into the shows abit more. I no at this moment in time a lot of shows have been cancelled etc. 🤞 it might pic up abit after this lockdown is all done with
  5. Also really wish this site was more alive. I’m so passionate about my mk3’s and would love to get to some shows with it and be part of a display etc. Or even some meets would be good to
  6. I have tryed emailing but it keep rejecting me emails saying that the email address no longer exists
  7. Ok so who actually runs this now as it seem as tho no one uses this anymore. I have signed up and payed the £10 to register for club membership on the 15 of April but still havnt received anything.
  8. So some of you may know this car as used to be owned my a well known member of this site and was nearly heading for the heap but hopefully going to get stuck in and get it back up and running and hopefully win some more prises with it at some shows. So watch this space and going to try and keep posting my progress with it so keep looking
  9. Ok so may be along read but will see where it goes. back in 2007 is where it all started for me with mk3’s. first car was a 1.4 60hp beast and oh god it was slow but loved the character. Spent every penny I made on the car. New suspension,bushes,brakes,full respray you prob get the picture looked great unfortunately I can’t seem to find any photos of it but will add the once I can. on had that for 12months and fancied a change and when mk4 but we won’t go into that on here 😂 so having been out of the mk3’s for a fair few years in 2014 I bought a mk3 estate tdi and OMG all the
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