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VW Festival Leeds 12th-14th August 2022 - Interested?

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Just gauging interest in the possibility of reviving a Club Stand at this event...


Anyone who knows this event, knows it is one of the best shows of the year over 3 days with Camping on site.


Below is a video from the last Festival in 2019 and the show was cancelled 2020 & 2021




We represented strongly here as a club in the past and I think it is possible to do so again.  If people show enough interest I will attempt to get us a stand booked.


There is a good read from this thread last time we represented........



Event Details and Website:



Ideally I would like 10 committed with 2 for stand by.  However that I know is a tall ask so I may go for a smaller pitch for 5 cars with 1 for stand by.


Anyway let me know your thoughts and let me know if anyone is interested in reviving this once legendary Club?


Many Thanks




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Going to Kick Start this off  Although I will say you don't have to camp all weekend.  Happy for people to arrive early Saturday or Sunday to show for the day then leave, I won't be contacting Leeds Fest until we get some clear interest:


Come on folks lets revive the club.......  You have months to get your build on and we aren't about show ponies......  We just want representation.


1: D@VeR6 (MK2 VR6 Camping)

2: Aaron (MK3 VR6 Camping)

3: Dan Stone (MK5 R32 Camping)

4: Damian Conway (MK3 Mulberry Highline A Facebook)

5: Damian Conway (MK3 Mulberry Highline B Facebook)

6: norm_str (Mk2 VR6)

7: Haaris Naeem Dar (MK2 VR Turbo One Day)

8: MK3_kid

9: Jim M



SB 1: Micky Smith Possible

SB 2:


Cheers All....

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On 7/16/2022 at 10:29 AM, Jim M said:

Apologies Dave I’m a day late, but put me in for Saturday if we’re still going for a stand.

Jim can you add me of Facebook David Bradley (touring car selfie is profile pic) and I will add you to group chat? 👍🏻

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