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  1. Can't say Ive ever come face to face with a 3.6L, but if they are anything like the old 2.8s they should be separate, although yours is wired to the ecu.
  2. Depends how far you want to go! Couldn't hurt to look at the brakes too of course, there's a lot to be said for leave of mind😂 Look into cleaning out the rain gutters, they can clog up and you don't want it sitting around. Think there's a guide on here somewhere.
  3. I wasn't using a standard one mate, I was using an inline SX regulator I just had bolted to the manifold
  4. about 10 miles south east of Lincoln
  5. Yeah I think United Motorsport make them, or I'm not sure how hard it would be to make your own
  6. Yeah still got them
  7. Which way you have the intake is just dictated by how your pipework runs from your Intercooler - which is also something you don't want to skimp on. Can get quality second hand ones pretty cheap usually. As long as all ports can get an even volume of air. it might be worth leaving the exhaust manifold until you get the car ready to drop it in and see how much space you have. Unless you trust your calculations
  8. yeah still have them bud
  9. Yeah, you'll just have to plug any vacuum ports you don't use. Remap would probably most beneficial when you put this on. I'm near Lincoln, LN10 area.
  10. Hi pal, sorry for some reason I didn't get notifications for this thread. Yes it's still available, unfortunately I only had it fitted to the engine so can't speak for myself. If you find Paul Parkys build thread in here it has the numbers it made
  11. I'll rub a red sharpie over it for you 😂
  12. SOLD
  13. for MK3 OBD2, unknown mileage. in good condition with a clean face £30 posted
  14. would've thought £20 to someone looking for them surely?
  15. +1, pinned it so others will see 👍