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    hello there, I am aerospace engineer and I lovely my vw / seat cars. My best car is my lovely vw corrado vr6 which I only drive on sunny days.
  1. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Sunday good for me. [emoji106]
  2. Rolling Road Day 2017

    I depends on the date. As track racing in September
  3. 24v VF Engineering Brackets For V9 FS

    Have you still got the brackets I am after one for my R32 mk4
  4. Corrado VR6 clocks

    I got set clock but it's missing temperature gauge and it's from 1993 vr6
  5. R32 mk5 3 door wanted

    Hello guys, I am after total original mk5 R32 excellent condition inside and out. With low miles, 3 doors with leather interior and preferably in blue. Is there anyone out there think on selling there beloved car. Please contact me first [emoji106][emoji3]

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  7. Gti international 2015

    Big thanks to the others who managed to make it in the end. Shame it's just couple cars [emoji27]. Maybe need sorting out before two weeks before.
  8. Hi there what time are you setting up the club stand Sunday. I hope to be there for 9am.
  9. This is my lovely corrado all polished up and ready for the long drive from sunny devon. Looking forward to meet every one on the club stand on Sunday [emoji3]. Fingers cross the weather stays good.
  10. hello

    Nice corrado mate
  11. Your link for Gti inters well not work for me. I am up for showing my corrado on the Sunday
  12. Any Corrado's out there?