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  1. also theres the space issue.
  2. c30 or c38 is what you need depending on boost required. its top stuff if installed right
  3. http://videos.streetfire.net/hottestvideos/2/9AB8E11C-B2B7-4D34-A23B-22272D9A953D.htm
  4. http://videos.streetfire.net/hottestvideos/2/b5530f7b-1b91-4c89-89df-628d95d08b42.htm
  5. theres another 1 in crystal palce/upper norwood less than a mile at the top of spa hill near the harvester. and 2 in catford se6 1 on whitefoot lane going up the hill.and the 2nd in rushey green opposite the dss shite heading towards lewisham
  6. theres 1 just off of limpsfield rd croydon/westerham you go past the waitrose turn right at the roundabout go down the hill then sharp left right near the shops.and 1 just near crystal palace 1 way system going down the hill towards crown point vw dealer
  7. very nice!!!!!!!!!! do you do one that fits the 24v?
  8. me aswell,but mines the 24v variety. on the road till last week.now stripped back to the shell,non runner.
  9. my 24v vr will see off that 4pot steroid induced motor.
  10. yes i saw it, me and my son were excited.
  11. hello and welcome. have a good butchers over the site at various post's you'll find the answers your looking for.
  12. when my drivers side cv went it just broke and the shaft was spinning freely in the boot and you could spin the wheel and the shaft would stay still.when i cut it open it was shattered to f##K.
  13. It is to a point,it needs vtec or something,theres not enough revs.too much revs and holding gear and it strangles itself. it can hold its own round town, and has good sink in your seat feeling.and its eaten a gearbox (mk3 tdi 5sp) after the programming.
  14. yes get one,our mk2 mk4 engined gttdi 150 lump software mapped to 194 bhp is quick and it actually questions the vr.
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