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  1. A pair of Cat Cams VR6 long duration Camshafts, both intake and exhaust sides for AQP-AUE VR6 2.8 liter 24 valve engines. Designed for turbo conversions. These use the connecting chain and VVT tensioner between intake and exhaust. Looking for bout £675 but open to sensible offers (they cost me £860!) Purchased in error and been sat on the shelf for a year. Originally purchased through Pro-Race Engineering. These have been opened and had a trial fitment to test valve lift but never used in a running engine so are in perfect condition. These
  2. Looking for advice on valve corrosion. We are rebuilding a 2.8 24v VR6 to go in our kit car. We have just started rebuilding the head and are putting the original valves back in. We have cleaned them up to discover some of them are pitted as per the attached photo. Ideally we would replace them but can't find new ones for love nor money (lots for the 12v and the R32 but none for our engine) apart from some on Ebay from an unknown Serbian company! Question is: are these likely to break or is this level of surface corrosion no big deal? Anyone have any experience of this? It will cer
  3. Hi folks, we are rebuilding a 2.8 24v and want to do a cam upgrade to get that lumpy sound. But I have also read that if you go to too long a duration, e.g. 288, the valve timing overlap results in high hydrocarbon emissions so you fail the tests (UK that is). Anyone know what duration you can go to and still pass MOT? What are people running effectively? And if we're doing cams, anything we need uprate to match them? springs, lifters, gasket?
  4. @Joshy_bosh We're looking at the same question for our VR6 24v. I see your original post was 2 years ago, what did you go for in the end?
  5. @megadodo I see your VR6 12v never made it into your kit car, what was the project/what car were you trying to put it into? What stopped you and what did you use instead? Asking because we have just pulled a 24v VR6 out of a Galaxy and will be putting it into an Aeon GT2. I haven't found anyone who has got a VR6 into a kit car yet so would love to hear what happened.

    1. megadodo


      No matter how hard I tried I couldn't source the parts I needed to do the conversion to rear wheel drive for a reasonable sum with any level of confidence it would work, I was looking at well over a thousand quid for it all. I've currently got a V6 Mondeo engine and a Jag 6 speed box that just bolt together and are ready to drop in for under £500 the lot! Just need the time to do it! Being a self employed mechanic means I have no time for my own cars! I do have a Mark 4 VR6 Four motion behind my garage being brought back to life (slowly)so I haven't dumped the VR6 love quite yet! Are you posting the Aeon on any forums, I'd love to see it!

    2. Doublestout42


      Thanks, guessing that's the Duratec V6. They have been used in a number of Aeon's too. Are you building a 7 style car, westfield or similar? We are early stages, chassis painting and suspension work on the actual build and getting the loom out of the galaxy. We are going to start writing for the running reports section of Complete Kit Car. We haven't started posting online about the project yet but likely will do. We are planning to strip the VR6 down, do forged bottom end, cams/valves/springs and stay NA to start with so will no doubt be coming here with loads of dumb questions. We are total amateurs really, lots of ideas and enthusiasm but limited skills. We're learning fast!

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