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  1. Picked up the vrs and by heck it's quiiiiiickkkk!
  2. Any one ever replaced front wheel bearings themselves? Think mine need doing!
  3. Well that's the old girl on ebay now :-(
  4. Once I've sold the corrado and bought a new motor for the missus I'd be interested mate! What's it like?
  5. Not at all bud nor the sound! The onlybsaving grace is once the missus has been treated I will get a golf vr :-)
  6. May have to sell my beloved corrado to make some cash to front my Mrs new car! Not overly happy however she has stuck with me through thick and thin during my army career and never complained! And feels she does deserve a thank you after 15 years. Anyone fancy a corrado if I do decide on letting the car go [emoji20]
  7. Been running well mate! Still think I may have to balance them to the car though!
  8. All clean after a bath and moisturising
  9. Have ended up helping the mother in law move house!
  10. I don't think we have enough people It will be just me and cactus jack!
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