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  1. Wanted a vr6

    Hi Unfortunately she is not for sale. Thanks
  2. The new Green Dragon

    Thanks pal... what do you drive?
  3. The new Green Dragon

    Cheers mate. She is certainly has been well looked after. I too think the dragon green is a great colour!
  4. The new Green Dragon

    Lovely motor mate. Here are also a few pictures of my pride and joy??
  5. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    Please don’t take this as insult, but based on your description it seems that she will require a lot work done, hence £850.
  6. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    Do you still have the black VR6 for sale? If so, I’am happy to make you an offer.
  7. Wanted a vr6

    Cheers mate
  8. GREEN97VR6

  9. Newbie saying hello

    she looks pretty standard, but in good nick post a few pictures when some of the work is done.
  10. Wanted a vr6

    I saw this beautiful VR6 on Gumtree for sale! shame you're getting a rid of her. Below are some pictures of my pride and joy! MINT
  11. Coilover on Mk3 Vr6

    VR6 Supercharged, much appreciate mate... thanks
  12. Coilover on Mk3 Vr6

    VR6 Supercharged. Which website did you get yours? price at demontweeks going for £395!
  13. Coilover on Mk3 Vr6

    VR6 Supercharged, thanks for your advice. I tend to agree, you get what you pay for!
  14. Guys, I'm looking to lower my Golf Mk3 Dragon green 1997 plate VR6 and I don't want to spend too much on coilovers. So I have seem a few brands out there ranging from £150 pounds. Is there any brand you guys would recommend not to put on the car?