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  1. 97 vw gti vr6 obd2 . Ever since i got car has had a issue with rpm's go up in between gears and on fist start up they also go to about 1800 and then back down same with rev on motor hangs for a bit and the big one is coming to a stop will also climb till i kick it down any reason for this? Have cleaned throttle body and did a adaption test through vag com only worked when cable was disconnected?? And ever once in a while car will go up down up down real fast like hondas do but only for short time . Can put car into gear and move forward five feet and it revs to 1800 and the
  2. 97 vw mk3 vr6 aaa So this tube has a sensor or something ? It has a plug but looks like a fake ? Has no metal inside for the plug to work ?
  3. I get this and have done and been through all of it over this the last six months . THE ONE THING NOBODY WILL TELL ME IS HOW DOES THERE VR ACT??? OR iS THIS NORMAL ?? Since thr vr6 runs hot and the stage one comes on at around 197 and the car runs inbetween stage 1 and 2 then 1 would always be on.
  4. Thanks i got one but having same issue . Can u tell me if your fans run after every run? Mine come on stage one then don't shut off till car is turned off and wait the 5-10min then they shut off.is this normal? Replace everything now thermo switches and the radiator switch and the fcm all new hoses and thermastat and water pump. Thanks
  5. What is the oem stock fan switch temp? 95c / 102c ?? Most do not show numbers when trying to order
  6. Well done everything and fans still run once they reach temp 197f they dont shut off till engine is shut off and after the 5-10min but if i let it idle they never turn off stage 1 with the 71c thermastat they came on and shut off but was told not to run that cold of a thermastat so put the 180f back in going to try low temp switch next 😭
  7. So replaced with 160f thermostat and it ran too cold but fans worked like they should so i put the 180f back in since i didnt want to drive so cold but now back to sqaure one fans come on at 197 f and if i let car idle they never go off only after shut down do they go off after 5-10 min. Now going to try low temp thermo switch on radiator if that dont work think i might put 160f thermostat back in. Im i just fixing a. Car that should run like this is it normal to have fans on after every drive?
  8. Can someone tell me if the fans always on after drive? Mine are and then i shut car off they run for 5 min and shutoff Is this normal after every drive? My 2.0 the fans hardly ever come on.
  9. What is this ?? Is it bad??gasket needed?
  10. Ill try again since im replacing all hoses and put 160f back in if that don't work then it is what it is . Luv my vw such a fun hobby lol
  11. Replaced aux water pump when first got car had no heat in cabin and while old won turned on it wasn't pumping water and that's why the heater core water pump thermostat and all the sensors were replaced. Think i will try putting back in the 160f thermostat and see the only thing left is a weak upper hose or radiator itself.
  12. Yes did fan test all checks out ok. And water pump is new and working. Problem is fans don't cool engine to shut off I guess new radiator i don't know only changes done is thermostat from 160f to a 180 f stock one.and the front grill
  13. Engine runs at idle fans come on but engine temp rises to 210 and holds but doesn't cool car down to shut off . Replaced fcm temp sensors water pump heater core did a combustion test so either its the radiator a bad weak upper radiator hose or one of the sensors is still bad?? I did put in a 180f thermostat replacing the 160f one would this cause it? But 180f is oem. Stumped!!
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