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  1. Now that's quick! Was that launch with you down on boost too? 60-100 is also impressive. What gear were you in at 60-100?
  2. I remember that ad! I also tried to find it ages ago, cheers for the link.
  3. Small world! I''ve sent he V5 to the DVLA, so you should get a new one soon.
  4. Well, after 8 years in my ownership I've finally sold my VR6. Its gone to a new owner who is going to be drag racing it. Who knows how long it will last being drag raced, but its how it would have wanted to go! Just to say a thanks to all who've helped me along the way. I think I've been a member of the forum for about 7 years!
  5. There is a drain screw specifically for draining. It on the 'crack pipe' and is a pain to get to and see. Use bottom rad hose as said above.
  6. As above. Put a 90 degree bend in the bar. Attach one side to tensioner other to the CDA
  7. I could have engine swapped, but the Mk4 is in such nice nick, and the engine is sweet I couldn't bring myself to mess about with it.
  8. So, my VR is off the road after 7 years of ownership. Bought a Mk4 1.8T to replace it. Although the Mk4 feels nippier than the VR, its just not the same. I miss the VR6 noise. I also miss the fact that my old 2.9 lump would not run out of steam and pull hard to three figure speeds. The Mk4 gets there, but 'feels' like it will run out of steam after 100. Oh, did I mention I miss the noise? Just wish the Mk3 didn't have to rust ;(
  9. After nearly 7 years of ownership, I parked it up, took the tax disc out, and I'm preparing it for sale. Gutted ;(
  10. I had random stalling/cutting out a few years ago. My problem were corroded wires going into the MAF multi plug, loosing contact every now and then as I drove.
  11. I get that on cold days too. I just put it down to the oil being that much thicker on colder days, taking a little longer to get to the top of the engine.
  12. shail


    Check boot carpet too, also remove the spare wheel and check in the wheel well. I had water coming in from dodgy rear light cluster, going into the boot carpet and on to rear footwell. Do you have a sunroof? There are a few drainage holes around the frame - check they are not blocked. Also check the rubber drain holes on the front door frame near the hinge for blockages.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I didn't dump it in the end as it appears the gate is shut. Dropped it in the morning and had to get the effing bus to work.
  14. Does anyone know if I would be able to park my car in the stealth car park, or is there a barrier at the entrance outside normal hours? I'm booked in tomorrow for a service and it would be easier for me to dump it there tonight. Cheers
  15. Did your last HU have the same issues? I fitted one of those amplifiers and it sorted out my reception problems. The amplifer you linked to needs a power feed from the loom - is this power feed connected & providing a voltage?
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