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  1. purpledragon

  2. Gearstick not centering

  3. Gearstick not centering

    Hi guys Ive noticed my gearstick doesnt really centre very well in neutral. I have done a complete brake fluid change lately, and was wondering if maybe there could be a little air in the clutch fluid or something??? But Im not sure if it would cause those symptoms. Any ideas? Its a Mk4 4mo by the way
  4. 4motion misfire and engine management light flicker

    Sounds like coil pack to me mate. You got individual ones or a single pack?
  5. Corrado VR6 (2.9) rebuild need help!!

    GSF mate
  6. Service prices

    Could always do it yourself
  7. VR6 Fuel Pump

    I'd check the flow rates first. Im also pretty sure GSF do them.
  8. 140k 4motion

    He's a member on www.the-corrado.net
  9. 140k 4motion

    No the power goes down through the fronts mate. Its awesome!!
  10. 12v to 24v Corrado

    Well she finally sold. Im gutted to see her leave, but it was time for a change. Keep an eye out for her in Edinburgh
  11. 140k 4motion

    That Corrado has a 4motion 24v engine mate http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?95527
  12. 140k 4motion

    Just thought I'd share some pics of the 4mo we bought at the beginning of the year. Its a high miler, but the price reflected it, and knowing what stuff to look for was also a bonues. When I bought the car it was in decent nick, but by no means perfect as its spent most of its time up and down the M6 I think. So work done since buying: New MAF New Coil Pack New Plugs New Leads New powerflex ARB bushes New Powerflex front Wishbone bushes New front and rear pads New Rear 4mo and V6 badges New front V6 badge Ive recently given it a machine polish to get rid of some flaking lacquer (its had paint before) Also bought some Santa Monica's and wrapped them in Eagle F1's (all courtesy of fleabay :-) ) and I think it looks loads better. Gonna be changing the shocks and sprngs for something a little lower soon too. Pics before wheels change: With new wheels:
  13. 12v to 24v Corrado

    Its finally going :-( Took some pics after its last clean today, and may get some more tomorrow before handing it over. Its been emotional
  14. 12v to 24v Corrado

    There sure is, have a look at the gap on the left