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  1. I'm considering coming to this event, but it would be in my RS4, if that's cool?
  2. As title, in good running order, low mileage preferable.
  3. My S4 was gonna run but I may not bring it due to weather :-/
  4. Name: Audi A3 (1994) Date Added: 30 July 2014 - 09:42 PM Owner: Caddyslammed Short Description: Audi S2 Avant View Vehicle
  5. Nice one Pete, will the outdoor stand cars be chosen by the mods also mate
  6. Looks like a good line up, and great to have so many applicants this year
  7. Nice post michael, and I have always wanted to do this trip!. Unfortunately about 15 minutes ago I just sent an email reserving a space fishing a lake for two weeks in may that means I cant make this trip
  8. Then I'll put my S4 forward for diversity please, pics to follow when I'm at a PC .
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