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  1. 1997 highline sills

    t Hi guys could someone tell me if the 1997 golf vr6 has sill covers or just paint/stone chip from the factory thanks in advance
  2. Bodywork recommendations

    Just had my highline welded up at wvs welding in Normanton it was as rotten as a pear. Tony went above and beyond replacing 2 floor pans inner and outer sills and repairing the chassis legs and a lot of other bits that needed attention he did a first class job, the price was about what I expected to pay for 70 hrs work plus materials. I was quoted £4000 by rust box restorations and ended up paying less than half that. I would not hesitate to recommend his work.
  3. 357919506B Radiator Fan Relay

    Your welcome the gearbox has to come off to do the all the timing chains if you have a TPS account great . or the dreaded ebay as long as the parts are febi or a well known brand
  4. nice motor m8 wats it putting out?? bhp 

    1. vr6turbo


      Hi mate

      Don't be fooled by my username 

      I did run a turbo vr back in 2005 many moons ago, pushing 400 bhp 

      It became a money pit so I stripped it and sold all the parts

      I the built a supercharged track car then sold  that as well. 

      Never got to the track, 

      The one I have now is a standard  highline mechanically v good but very rusty underneath I am looking to get it sorted soon 


  5. (SOLD) Vw Golf Vr6 Highline for sale (3 door)

    is the car sold
  6. VW GOLF VR6 Highline 1998

    is the car sold ?
  7. 357919506B Radiator Fan Relay

    What part number is your fan Controller I might have one
  8. OBD2 VR6 ECU Wanted

    What part number is on your ecu I might have one
  9. mk3 golf 5 door supercharged stage 1

    Sold to a really nice guy Graham Ha very a good trip home
  10. mk3 golf 5 door supercharged stage 1

    Today of tomorrow
  11. mk3 golf 5 door supercharged stage 1

    My number is 07903969831 I live on southcliff Scarborough Yo112rr
  12. mk3 golf 5 door supercharged stage 1

    Hi mate best to come and have a look you could make me an offer The mechanics are good the body work is the main thing that needs doing Like I mentioned it's got Mot till June 18 it's in been my garage for the last few years Hope to see you soon
  13. mk3 golf 5 door supercharged stage 1

    Will do mate as soon as I get home
  14. Vrt cylinder pressures?

    8.5 1 is 15% lower than stock Stock should be 10 to 1