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  1. Radostormvr6

  2. whos setting off early saturday
  3. Is there a convoy going up saturday, im heading up from portsmouth
  4. 3.3 in VR & 3.6 in G60
  5. CAMS

    263 is best for all N/A and forced induction
  6. Boost pipes.

    Im also running 2.5" boost pipes , no lag and 400bhp
  7. DIY turbo guide

    Sorry brain fade,thinking clamps :$
  8. DIY turbo guide

    Here you go joni http://www.owendevelopments.co.uk/products/catalogue.asp?catId=26&t=Murray%20Hose%20Clamps couplings
  9. [moved] big power fwd

    Going from 120-150mph is as fast as standard vr does 50-70mph . Thats a FACT
  10. DIY turbo guide

    Like the Airbox & black cooler mate, looks very OEM. Whats the idea of the Reg mate? Exhaust needs 3'' rite though, get it sorted Wing don't look that bad, good panelbeater will sort that.
  11. Why Schimmel intake?

    You could try these guys http://www.dgautotech.com/dgauto/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89&Itemid=75 there very good
  12. Which compression ratio for a spacer from C2?

    Im 15psi with 9:1 VRT with no problems