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  1. I'm inneed of a power steering pump guys. I went up my unit last night and it decided to just dump all its fluid. Could anyone recommend the best place to get one from as I can seem to find anywhere.
  2. Thanks mate, I'm so happy with them, got the full matching interior and door cars aswell, just need to fit them to the car now ☺️
  3. Thankyou Dave it's a tough decision at the moment but just going to get the other bits done then go from there. What ever happens like you say, I'm 100% sure that there will be more vr power in the future. It's rubbish growing up haha
  4. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, been a busy year so far. Since I last post I have been busy on the golf, still nothing done noting about looking into the shallow sump yet, but I have now got myself a quad grill, upgraded the rear calipers to mk4 golf spec and just general tarting and tidying up, but the best thing has to be is when I collected these from been trimmed Unfortunately, recently I have been consider parting with the golf due to funding a house. As much as I do not want to it may soon be time to say bye to the old girl
  5. Thanks Dave, I have actually sourced one now but thankyou for your help
  6. I actually have a couple that I could think of haha
  7. Thanks lads, exactly what I was looking for. Great prices on the dishes. Thanks a lot
  8. Hi guys. Im currently about to rebuild my bbs rms as the dishes are in a sorry state. I'm looking to buy: 4 dishes Bolts Hex center Outer ring Iv looked at a few websites but can't seem to find what I'm looking for, could someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Jake
  9. I'm currently having some work done on the golf, should have some pictures soon to follow I have been having a few issues with catching the sump recently, I have seen a few threads about running a shallow sump, but not 100% sure what I would need. Does anyone have some more information on this? Would be much appreciated
  10. Thanks guys. I agree mate, I am just waiting until payday then ordering myself a quad lamp grill
  11. Get it back on the road dude, nothing better in the summer than plodding around in the mk2. Thanks bud, just nipped up my garage to let her run for abit and drop some parts off up there
  12. Thanks guys Hopefully have some more pictures up soon, got some bits to put on which I'm looking forward to.
  13. Thanks Pete no, it has been re-sprayed in her life. Has got some imperfections but I love it
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