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  1. Hi mate. If this is seized and you still have it. Would you part with 2x rocker cover bolts please? Cheers,
  2. Old post....I know but you wouldn't happen to have any rocker cover bolts would you please? Cheers
  3. Hi mate. Do you still have this? I'm after 2x rocker cover bolts if you have pal.[emoji4]. Cheers
  4. Hia mate. You still have this? Needing 2x rocker cover bolts if you have mate? Cheers
  5. For what it's worth. You're best off buying new from VW heritage then at least they're brand new and will last longer than 2nd hand ones
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a VR that they're breaking? I'm after 2x rocker cover bolts please? 97, MK3. OBD2 [emoji1692]
  7. Hi all, Just got my car back from body shop, put it through an mot yesterday and it failed on rear (both sides) brake pipes. Now, is there somewhere in leeds that can do full length of car (braided hoses) then build it up with ends and crimps or is there somewhere pre-made in leeds that sells them (if full length can be done?) Or shall i go to ebay n snap up some Goodridge uprated ones for the back end? Need to be quick so i can get it in for re test ? Thank you ?
  8. Sorry its taken so long to reply. Had issues login in. Yeah tell me about it, ended up forking out £1100 for suspension with Flux and i have 7/8 years ncd. Insurance was cheaper over a year ago now bumped up £200!!! I think HIC was the most expensive? ( There somewhere in this forum?) Came back with something like over 2k ? i couldn't help but laugh down the phone... ? With the vr6, gotta wait another ten years till it becomes a classic..! Hopefully I'll still have it. Let me know how you got on mate.
  9. Anyone know who would specialized in insurance for a mk3 golf vr6 97. Any companies do classic for 20 year olds? [emoji109]
  10. #Mk3 #golf #1995 (N reg) #Breaking #leeds #holla #parts #for #sale. Lots of decent parts Drivers door is solid Gti wheels with good tread Bonnet got a rust spot or 2. No bigger than 5p Full gti rub strips and arches All seatbelts in working order Cream plastic interior trims Front and rear bumpers (crystal fogs & indicators work but one lenses is cracked) Lower sections of side skirts 1.8 (not sure of code) engine and gearbox Front and back seats Full dash board Front and rear door cards (no speakers) More pix on Saturday! Any interests inbox me!!!! !
  11. Howdy peeps. So I stripped my doner car which is a 95 (N reg) gti in a blue kind of purple. And I've never seen a dashboard like it! Other than the usual black, the vents, ashtray, surrounds around the temp dials were purple. Has anyone come across these before and are they a rare sort as I've seen many golfs but none with a dashboard like this??
  12. I think Ford is trying to encourage street racing. First the drift button on RS and now a line lock for wheel spin??? How many people have actually taken these cars to a circuit or a strip? Don't worry I'll wait for a answer haha
  13. Ezy dubberz!! Anyone know a quality welder (that ain't after an organ), in leeds, to do outer sills on a mk3 Golf please? I have been recommended Brydens down near Armley, any good? Cheers [emoji109]
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