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  1. Hi. Welcome to the sale of my golf vr6 highline in black (black magic) the reason for sale is that we are in the middle of moving house and it came far quicker than we thought so i need to free up some cash and it was either the vr6 or the scooby that had to give way, and with me being a jap kind of guy the scooby had to stay Saying that the golf is a lovely car and i enjoy driving both for their own reasons. Anyway here is a list of what the golf has had done while ive had it. Last week it had 2 brand new wishbones/balljoints and track rod ends with uprated bushes. I had a full service
  2. Hi. Im just wanting a rough guideling as to what my golf vr6 is worth? Putting it up for sale in the next couple of days when its had a detail. Its a golf mk3 vr6 higline in black (black magic) Its done 118k miles Its just undergone alot of work consisting of a full blow over/respray and new sills being professionally fitted in at no expense spared. New quad headlights Wheel just been refurbished (porsche D90s) New coilovers that have done less than 200miles. Its got a 6 branch manifold Serbring catback exhaust Unknown air filter 10mm thicker HT leads Yesterday it had new wishbones, ba
  3. So, instead of going for a rebuild i thought about getting my gearbox oil changed for the off chance it could be shitty and thin and maybe that could be causing to to get abit noisey when warm..so off i went yesterday to the garage go get it changed and i left them to it. Got a phone call to say its all done and ready for pick up..and the guy who did it said "oh by the way, when we took the drain plug out no oil came out, it was as dry as ghandys flip flop:-/ which was a good thing as i was expecting to pay for another gearbox. He said he flushed the gearbox with a full litre of oil to make su
  4. Are the golf v5 a straight fit? Or is it abit of a mess about, im not even sure what box is in now as it was an auto converted to manual. Whats the 3.6 one?
  5. Thanks for that..ye i was quoted £350 to rebuild it by a guy whos done work for me before so hes knocked abit off..still alot dearer that a litre of oil lol. I dond mind splashing out on the better stuff first really..saves me doing it again if it is the oil
  6. Cheers mate..i was actually thinking that at first but when the noise got worse when warm i thought it could be the box, it still could be but il try fresh oil first, comma and "additive"?
  7. So all seems ok with the VR. The new coilpack seemed to do the trick, also had a full service and a new sump pan fitted last week..she runs miles better! Think i might be putting the fuel smell in the car coming from the breather as its just a filter, i might just run a silicone hose to the floor instead as i cant deal with the smell. So next on the list is to get a new sunroof seal and sort out the electrics, mirrors and windows dont work! Not sure what it could be because it was intermittant at first so i cant see it being a fuse? And lasly i need my gearbox reconditioning or buy a second
  8. Not been on here for a while! Just due to not having any love for the VR, even though its just had a lot of work done...anyway, the car kept cutting out when hot or wouldnt start when it was hot either, so i changed the temp sensor....noope not that next i changed the crank sensor feeling very positive that it will be that noope again took it into a garage to have it diagnosed and the fault didnt come up, so they called in an auto electician and its come down to the coilpack breaking down when its hot! So thats a good 100quid which i wasnt expecting to spend but hey. Also the breather filt
  9. I dont know why its done it that way but cba doing it again lol
  10. Hi, I've shared 1 photo via Photobucket. Please click the link to view photos: http://share.photobucket.com/shareprofile/indexshare.php?id=MzU5MTY= Hi, I've shared 1 photo via Photobucket. Please click the link to view photos: http://share.photobucket.com/shareprofile/indexshare.php?id=MzU5MTc= Hi, I've shared 1 photo via Photobucket. Please click the link to view photos: http://share.photobucket.com/shareprofile/indexshare.php?id=MzU5MTg= Hi, I've shared 1 photo via Photobucket. Please click the link to view photos: http://share.photobucket.com/shareprofile/indexshare.php?id=MzU5MTk Hi, I've
  11. So as some of you may know i bought a 1997 highline in june and it needed some work! Well it needed 2 new full sills which i purchased from oeandmore. I finally got my arse in gear and sent it off to a bodyshop ive beem using for a while and he agreed to cut out all the rotted sills and replace them, aswel as repairing one of the drain hols with fresh metal that were abit krusty clown! Anyway cut a very long story short, the car ended up having a full repaint taking out and dings and blemishes! It ended up having a full repaint due to lack of communication for the people in the bodyshop, it wa
  12. Is this a known fault on the vr6? Iv got a loud whining noise, alot more noticeable in 3rd gear, then it goes less noisy in 4th and 5th? Is it a new/recon box or is it some sort of bearing that need replacing? Its doing my nut in..thanks ash
  13. Haha. Sell my scoob and the vr [emoji6]
  14. Would be interested if you had the rear seats to match..iv got a little one so thers no room for his car seat. Lovely car
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