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  1. martingraham

  2. grease and stuff

    you're right, 1997 onwards, unfortunately I was one of the ones selected in the latest redundancies. once a gunner always a gunner.
  3. grease and stuff

    cheers , i will get them done.
  4. future kit car question

    Oh yeah (head slap) I dint think of that.
  5. future kit car question

    Exactly. Just throw money at it til it works. I would like to keep it simple and keep the stock box with it. If a rover v8 can fit in then a vr6 should.
  6. future kit car question

  7. future kit car question

    Mmmmm cobra style. Now you have me thinking
  8. future kit car question

    Hi all. I'm am thinking ahead into the future. I know one day my mk3 vr6 will eventually be too full of rust and was thinking that it's the engine that my love is with and would love to put it into a kit car (Westfield or tiger racing, that kind of car). My question is, has it been done? Is it worth doing just to keep my fave engine running
  9. M12 taps

    Cheers. That's a great help.
  10. M12 taps

    Hi, sorry for the lack of details. Its an obd2 2.8 vr6. I only assumed it will be m12 because I used an M12 spline socket to get them out.
  11. M12 taps

    Hi all. I'm needing to clean out my head stud holes in my cylinder block and looking for an M12 tap to use. With There being so many types I'm not sure which one I need, I know it will be an M12, but then what pitch is needed? 1.0,1.25, 1.5, 1.75 pitch. Also what type of tap would I use? Amy links would be great. Many thanks.
  12. Turbo vr6

    Where did you get the charger kit?
  13. grease and stuff

    Check them? What an I looking for? Surely 0.3 will be okay?
  14. engine stand issues.

    cool, I'll measure them and order longer ones to fit.
  15. engine stand issues.

    cool, i think I will try it your way, so I am working from the front. What size bolts did you use as I am starting from scratch and will have to order them.