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  1. Went to an show and whine event arranged by the local branch of VW-Audi Club Norwegen this sunday. Won top 3 VW, very happy with that. Took some pictures together with some mates of mine that also won (and have a slight case of OCD just like me).
  2. Did a tidying up and a clean in the engine bay. Will fit oem red ignition cables and black hoses sometime soon, the blue ones are a bit too much fast&furious for my taste. 😄
  3. Not much happening lately, ordered some new wheels earlier this summer, but order got delayed. Finally got them on the car. 8.5x17 ET35, 10mm spacer in front to clear the callipers, 5mm rear.
  4. I use a DA polish machine and mainly Scholl rubbing products. Swizzvax polish.
  5. The steeringwheel has a bit of wear, so i got hold of a stitch-in cover for it in leather. I need to steam it to get the wrinkles out, but im happy with the result.
  6. Bought mine from china on ebay. Its for sure a copy, but it looks ok. 👍
  7. Thats was what I was going for, an oem look. Yes, you are right. 🙂
  8. I didnt mention the small updates in the engine compartement. Since the road authorities here doesnt like pod filters i created a box to hide it, it gets cold air from the bumper underneath. I also used a mk5 batterycover to hide the grey battery. Next on the agenda here is stock red ignition cables and black hoses.
  9. When i bought it had been sitting for allmost 10 years, so the valveguides in the engine is not as soft as they should be. So its been smoking now and then. So plan to rebuild the engine, but i guess this will have to wait until fall when car is put into storage. 😊
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